Who also stole data from Linkedin?

Who also stole data from Linkedin?

Nearly 500 million LinkedIn user data posted for sale online. Facts, numbers and analysis

Names, emails, phone numbers and workplace details among the 500 million LinkedIn user data at the mercy of hackers.

To prove the legitimacy of the information, the leaker allows you to download two million sample data from the forum for the price of $ 2 in specific forum credits.

CyberNews has revealed that the four files containing 2 million pieces of information taken from LinkedIn are reliable.

LinkedIn has over 600 million users. Therefore, the alleged hacker has put up for sale the personal and professional data of almost all users of the Microsoft platform.

The data leak came in the wake of a similar one involving the personal data of 500 million users of the Facebook platform. Occurred two years ago, but only came to light over the weekend.

All the details.


IDs, names, email addresses and other personal details are part of the huge database of stolen data offered for sale on an online forum.


The leaked data included "a variety of mostly professional information," including LinkedIn IDs, full names, email addresses, phone numbers, user gender, LinkedIn profile links, links to other related social media profiles , professional titles and other jobs. related data.

The leaked data does not appear to contain credit cards or other financial details or legal documents that could be used for fraud.


CyberNews researchers were able to confirm that the data contained in the sample was legitimate. But they added that "it is unclear whether the threat actor is selling updated LinkedIn profiles, or whether the data was taken or aggregated from a previous breach suffered by LinkedIn or other companies."


"While we are still investigating this issue, the published dataset appears to include publicly viewable information that has been pulled from LinkedIn combined with aggregated data from other websites or companies," reads a response sent by LinkedIn to South China Morning. Post .

"Scraping our members' data from LinkedIn violates our terms of service and we are constantly working to protect our members and their data."


New cybernetic trouble therefore for Microsoft.

The tech giant bought LinkedIn in mid-2016 for $ 26.2 billion in cash. In this way, Microsoft entered the world of social media, adding a new tool to its efforts to enhance corporate services.

Just a month ago the news of a cyber attack against its Microsoft Exchange servers, which is affecting many organizations around the world.


Returning to the 500 million data of Linkedin profiles sold on the web, “we are most likely talking about data scraping (automated extraction of web data)”, explained Pierguido Iezzi of the IT security company Swascan.

“After the news about Facebook a few days ago (over 500M of data, which we anticipated a month ago), LinkedIn's turn has come. Because? Certainly LinkedIn data is more interesting from a business point of view. They are more interesting to carry out cyberattacks than BEC (Business Email Compromised) and any LinkedIn identity theft could have devastating impacts compared to that of Facebook ".

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