Who are the builders of the Conte 3 government

Who are the builders of the Conte 3 government

Not only Sandra Lonardo Mastella. All the parliamentarians who are building the lifeboat of deputies and senators in support of a new Conte government in place of the Renzians of Italia Viva

The days until Tuesday seem few, indeed very few, when the non-resigning Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, although he has lost two ministers and an undersecretary along the way, will be able to see in the Senate – where the numbers dance differently from the Chamber and they will play hence the decisive game – if it still has a majority.


Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs Ricardo Antonio Merlo has made his “Italian Associative Movement Abroad” available to Conte's cause, known in Parliament by the initials Maie, to transform him from a modest member of the mixed group of the Senate into a lifeboat. The former force soldier Raffaele Fantetti has already jumped into it with his association " Italia 23 ", from the year of the ordinary end of the legislature, which could even become the name of a list of or for Conte, if the professor wanted to participate in the next elections.


It is in this lifeboat of the Maie, which sparked the imagination of the journalists of the manifesto with that front page title "Never say Maie", that dissidents or displaced persons from other groups could skip over to form an autonomous one, which requires at least ten senators , and participate in Tuesday's trust with the requirement of non-randomness or indeterminacy asked by Mattarella to Conte to disguise as a continuous majority a majority in reality that is different, or discontinuous. In fact, Renzi's living Italy has just come out of it, or what will remain of it after this operation that could also take away some senators from it.


The days that separate us from Tuesday seem very few, but not in politics. They are enough to strengthen or even sink projects, working hypotheses or whatever you want to call those of Conte and his supporters. The senators who defected from the opposition – who with Berlusconi in government, in 2010, earned insults for claiming to be "responsible" and who now, in order not to incur the same inconvenience, have taken the name of "builders" taking it from the message of New Year's Eve of the Head of State – could prove to be enough to make Conte reach and perhaps exceed the fateful threshold of 161 votes in the hall of Palazzo Madama, assuming the full assembly, or not. It could depend on many things, including the material price of the operation, mercilessly underlined by the Messenger with a title on "those responsible who cost too much".


Benevento mayor Clemente Mastella, whose wife Sandra Lonardo has long since passed from Forza Italia to members of the mixed group who vote for the government, warned that Conte's new allies "are not fools". Even earlier he had said, again as one of the directors of the operation, that the lovers will also be irregular, let's say so, but they have the right to their own dignity.

In a coincidence, let's call it diabolical, shouted in the opening title of Piero Sansonetti's Riformista , it was discovered that a few days ago Palazzo Chigi granted the financing of a controversial maxi car park in Benevento for 7 million euros. They might seem few, like the days until next Tuesday, but they are still almost 14 billion of the old lirette. And they still have their own significance in what could also be called the market for political builders at various levels, national and local.

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