Who in America rings the alarm on artificial intelligence against China

Who in America rings the alarm on artificial intelligence against China

What emerges from the report published by the American artificial intelligence commission. The comment by Giuseppe Gagliano

Why is the report published by the American Artificial Intelligence Commission ( NSCAI ) a fundamental document for the consolidation of US hegemony on a global level and to counter the hegemonic ambitions of China and Russia?

The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (Nscai) – made up of national security professionals, business executives, university professors – through this report wants to underline how America is not ready to defend or compete in the age of artificial intelligence.

Precisely for this reason, the report wants to give concrete indications for establishing a synergy between state and private actors, a synergy that must be able to credibly counteract the global competitors of the United States.

According to the report's speakers, in fact, artificial intelligence will not only be the most powerful tool for future generations but, above all, its application in the field of biology, medicine and astrophysics is becoming increasingly important.

Of course, artificial intelligence is a formidable tool on a military level and the speakers underline how this could become one of the most important weapons in future conflicts. Suffice it to think, in this regard, that the state adversaries of the United States have for some time now been using targeted disinformation attacks implemented thanks to artificial intelligence to divide the allies of the United States.

Regarding the countries that oppose US global hegemony, the report's speakers underline the danger to national security that the use of artificial intelligence by criminals and terrorists will have.

Precisely for this reason, according to the speakers it is necessary to indicate a precise date by which the United States must be ready to credibly face the challenges of artificial intelligence: the Pentagon and the American intelligence community must be ready no later than. by 2025 otherwise America will risk losing its political, military and technological influence.

Also in this report, as in previous ones written in the context of national security and in the context of the Atlantic alliance, China is read as the main opponent of the United States.

In particular, the speakers define China's use of artificial intelligence as chilling because in a systematic way individual freedom is violated and AI is used as a tool of repression and surveillance both inside and outside China. . In fact, China is a competitor that has the power, talent and ambition to challenge America's technological leadership, military superiority.

Artificial intelligence is deepening the threat posed by cyber attacks and disinformation campaigns that Russia, China and other state and non-state actors are using to infiltrate our society, steal our data and interfere in our democracy.

In order for these adversaries to be defeated it is evident that a real collaboration with allies is necessary. In this regard, however, we must not forget that the competition is not only between the United States and China but also between the United States and Europe, as demonstrated by the significant investments that Macron intends to make in the field of artificial intelligence.

But alongside the necessary collaboration, a decisive role will be exercised by the government that will have to play to ensure that the United States wins this competition for innovation. Congress and the President will have to support the amount of public resources needed to achieve it.

Finally, some considerations. Beyond the clearly ideological narrative according to which the United States would be the only symbol of freedom on a global level, and regardless of the negative evaluation that is given towards China on the use of artificial intelligence (evaluation this built on factual data), the other element that emerges in a very obvious way is the obvious contradiction that is given, once again, to a neoliberal vision of global competition: with good peace Von Mises, Von Hayek and Milton Friedman the competition between states on a global level is won thanks to the specific role played by the state both in terms of financing and in terms of coordination.

Not only has the old demon of protectionism not been eradicated at all – despite the expectations of the Austrian school and its numerous students in Europe and the United States, as on the other hand the studies of the French School of Economic Warfare have amply demonstrated – but al on the contrary it is an essential element to win global competition.

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