Why Dazn dumps the splash blame on Comcast

Why Dazn dumps the splash blame on Comcast

Due to technical problems with Comcast Technology Solutions, the giant that acquired Sky in 2018, Dazn users were unable to enjoy the Sunday games broadcast by the streaming platform

Dazn in out of play.

Due to technical problems, the fans on Sunday 11 April were unable to watch the two Sunday matches Inter-Cagliari and Verona-Lazio. The platform, which in recent weeks has been awarded the transmission for the next three seasons, of 7 exclusive matches and 3 co-exclusive matches, says it is sorry and explains that the problem is due to an external partner.


The impossibility of accessing the platform for viewing the Inter-Cagliari and Verona-Lazio matches is due, explains the platform , to the “failure of the authentication of an external partner. We are very sorry about what happened during the viewing of the Inter-Cagliari and Verona-Lazio matches ”, underlined the streaming TV in a note to Ansa.


In particular, a company note would have revealed that the problem was due to Comcast Technology Solutions, the giant that acquired Sky in 2018. As previously communicated, we are investigating the problem originated by our partner Comcast Technology Solutions (CTS), which has had an impact on DAZN and other European broadcasters, ”explains the streaming TV company.


The blackout did not only concern Dazn, a direct competitor of Sky, but also Eurosport and Viaplay. In short, the technical problem was found at a European level, but Sky subscribers on Dazn channel 209 did not encounter any problems .


Comcast Technology Solutions confirmed the technical malfunction, adding , "We were in close contact with them as we resolved the problem and we apologize for anyone who was concerned," he added in a statement.


Aware of what happened, Dazn immediately promised compensation to users: "Although the problem has now been resolved, aware of the effect that this situation has had above all on the fans, we will offer appropriate compensation, which will be communicated in the coming days, to those who have encountered anomalies during the afternoon matches ”.


However, reassurances and promises are not enough for Codacons, which in the past few hours immediately intervened to ask for reimbursements . “We ask for immediate refunds in favor of all subscribers due to the inability to use the purchased service. In fact, anyone who is in possession of Dazn packages and was unable to attend the Inter-Cagliari match on TV today, or has suffered continuous signal interruptions, has the right under the civil code to obtain a refund of the amount paid, in proportion to the inconvenience suffered “, Wrote the consumer association.


In recent weeks, thanks to Tim's support, Dazn has won packages 1 and 3 in the auction for television rights on Serie A. In practice, for the next three years, the streaming platform will broadcast 7 games exclusively for each matchday and 3 games in co-exclusive, for 840 million euros per season.

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