Why the Guardia di Finanza darting along the Strada dei Parchi (Toto group)

Why the Guardia di Finanza darting along the Strada dei Parchi (Toto group)

Preventive seizure of assets for over 26 million euros against six subjects, who held top positions in the company Strada dei Parchi and in two associated companies, under investigation for the lack of maintenance of the A24 viaducts, found to be in a state of deterioration

Judicial scrutiny for former top manager of the Strada dei Parchi dealership (Toto group). All the details.

Preventive seizure of assets for over 26 million euros against six subjects, who held top positions in the company Strada dei parco and in two associated companies, under investigation for the failure to maintain the A24 viaducts, which were found to be in a state of deterioration. The Guardia di Finanza carried out it on the basis of a provision issued by the Judge for the preliminary investigations of the Court of Teramo, "at the end of the complex investigations originating from some reports (subsequent to the tragic events attributable to the collapse of the" Morandi bridge "in Genoa) which denounced the state of evident deterioration of the piles of the A24 viaducts, and in particular of those falling within the Teramo area ”, underlines the Guardia di Finanza (Provincial Command of Teramo).

The investigations concerned in particular the state of seven motorway viaducts falling within the territories of the municipalities of Isola del Gran Sasso and Colledara, in the province of Teramo. The inspections, also carried out with the help of technical consultants, 'led to the dispute of several serious offenses of "Non-fulfillment of public supply contracts" (art. 355 co. 1 and 2 n. 1 of the criminal code) and of "Attack culpable to transport safety and culpable disaster "(art. 432 co. 1 criminal code) '. Piles and decks under investigation would have shown forms of “evident deterioration of the layer of concrete placed to protect the reinforcing bars (so-called concrete cover layer); damage to the collection channels and descendants that convey the run-off water coming from the motorway site; severe oxidation of the reinforcement rods exposed to atmospheric agents due to the lack of the concrete cover layer ".

A situation, denounces the note from the Guardia di Finanza, “evidently caused by the total failure, from 2009 to date, by the motorway concessionaire of the ordinary maintenance obligations on the works of art descending from the concession deed”.

“Over the years, the only ordinary maintenance works carried out by the Strada dei Parchi concessionaire – the note reads – have concerned the pavement, greenery, signs and not the structural parts of the viaducts (caissons, piers and supports and anti-seismic restraints). The aforementioned ordinary maintenance interventions on the works of art were carried out starting from 2018 and not even at the expense of the concessionaire because state contributions were used, paid on the basis of the measures following the events in Genoa ".

"This – it continues – entailed the complaint to the concessionaire of the serious breaches of the obligations deriving from the public assignment of management of the A24 motorway in the Teramo section and the contestation of the culpable attack on public transport, since the prolonged omissions from 2009 to 2018 (and in part still up to the present day) did not ensure the functionality and safe operation of the motorway section and endangered the safety of public transport. For the crimes of 'Non-fulfillment of public supply contracts (art.355 co. 1 and 2 n.1 criminal code) the Teramo Public Prosecutor's Office requested and obtained from the investigating judge the preventive seizure aimed at the direct confiscation of the profit of the crime for about 5 million , equal to the significant cost savings achieved with the achievement of state contributions ".

In addition to the five million seized for non-fulfillment, another 21 million were seized directly and by equivalent against three of the suspects and companies associated with the concessionaire, following the alleged abuse of office in the management of works contracts in house to the Toto company. "At the expense of the top management of the concessionaire", reads the note from the Guardia Di Finanza, "multiple acts of abuse of office have also been ascertained since, abusing their capacity as" person in charge of public service "despite having the Concession and the law faculty to entrust the works connected to the motorway to associated companies up to a maximum of 60% of the value of the concession, have already exceeded this percentage since 2015 and, despite the various warnings from the Ministry, have continued to entrust the intercompany works to Toto spa Costruzioni general also constantly violating the dictates of the Procurement Code ".

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