Why the unions scramble the leaders of ENAV

Why the unions scramble the leaders of ENAV

All the union turmoil in the home of ENAV, the Treasury company that takes care of flight assistance.

Continuous turbulence in the home of ENAV, the company controlled by the Ministry of Economy withover 50% that takes care of flight assistance.

The stomach aches in the air transport sector have not subsided. A joint note from the Filt Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uiltrasporti trade unions accuses ENAV of having refused a contractual agreement on which the consent of all the parties involved had been found. Also on a war footing is the UGL Air Transport union which has proclaimed a national strike for next 17 July .


“Last night a bad page of trade union relations was written in ENAV – reads the note from Filt Cgil, Fit-Cisl and Uiltrasporti of last June 16th -. After seven months of negotiation and after sharing the company proposal yesterday, we discovered that the company refused it and, through a unilateral initiative, autonomously established the economic amount to be paid to ENAV staff to meet the major workloads that occur systematically during the summer season ".


The trade unions, in addition to complaining about the non-compliance with economic commitments , reiterate the need to proceed with a hiring and stabilization plan that allows for an orderly performance of ordinary and extraordinary work. "All this – explain the unions – occurs because the company, despite repeated and continuous union requests, while announcing the start of hiring processes for hundreds of people at public events, continues to keep all the roles under staff operational . This situation, in addition to creating damage to the regularity of the service, also exposes it to potential critical issues ".


The unions threaten to resort to national mobilization if no agreement is reached for the renewal of the contract. “In the next few days we will implement national strike actions to ask for a radical change of pace for management – reads the note -. The comparison must also include a serious assessment of the effects and actions deriving from the ENAV 2022-2024 Industrial Plan, which have already begun to produce negative effects and inconveniences in the operating rooms involved ".


The UGL Air Transport did not wait for the decisions of the other trade unions and proceeded to call a national mobilization, aimed at all ENAV employees, for next 17 July 2022 , for four hours from 14.00 to 18.00.


The UGL TA trade union draws up a long list of non-compliance which it attributes to ENAV. Beginning with the " inadequacy of the economic amount", continuing with the "non-distribution of part of the PR 2019 (4.3 million)" as well as the "company willingness to change the structure of staff working hours ", the " numerical shortage of operational supervisors "in Olbia, Verona, Ronchi dei Legionari, Bari and Lamezia", ​​and an " insufficient number of coordinators ". The environment in which ENAV employees are called to work also ends up under the attention of the union, "inadequacy and at times dilapidated work environments (pursuant to Legislative Decree 81/08) of many plants with situations that, in the most serious cases, they have recently led to the suspension of the institutional services provided by ENAV SpA ", the" layout of the operating rooms not sufficient with respect to the workloads and the complexity of the operations also following technological implementations / acquisitions of new services with any potential critical issues in terms of safety ". Criticism also of the "unilateral application by the respective department heads regarding the possibility of granting 3 days of smart working per week ", "the impossibility for staff with fixed-term contracts to participate in the internal selections organized by the ENAV Group "And" the use of staff framed as OTs in tasks not currently envisaged by the Air Transport CCNL ".

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