Will Di Maio the Futurist push Conte’s stars into the opposition?

Will Di Maio the Futurist push Conte's stars into the opposition?

What effects will there be after the split from the 5 Star Movement led by the Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio. The Scratches of Damato

Evidently obstinate in his convictions, intuitions, fantasies, the director Luciano Fontana has made or left to represent andreottianamente on the front page of the Corriere della Sera the split of the Grillino movement carried out by the Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio. That cartoonist Emilio Giannelli let the five stars fall with a rolled sheet, pronouncing the famous motto of Giulio Andreotti according to which "power wears out those who don't have it". Or he will not have it, in our case, because Giuseppe Conte, the president of what is left of the movement he represented at the head of two governments between 2018 and 2021, has not yet realized it well but he was practically pushed out of the majority with the abandonment of that pain in the ass, or "ballast", as he called it, which Luigi Di Maio had become for him.

I don't know how many weeks or months it will take Conte to unhook what remains – I repeat – of his movement from the government and perhaps even from the majority to try to reduce the expected electoral losses next year, when the Chambers will have to be renewed, but that step is now written in his personal and political history. He will inevitably find himself sucked into the opposition radicalism of the former grillino but he has always fondled Alessandro Di Battista, who gave his ex-fraternal friend Di Maio an "ignoble". But when he makes the break that he did not have the courage to make yesterday in the Senate, where he only lengthened the negotiation times for a joint resolution of the majority on the war on Ukraine and its surroundings, Conte will perhaps not even be able to obtain the formal passage of a government crisis. Or if there is, it will be a matter of a formality having Mario Draghi lost only a component of his majority, and not even the first, more consistent. The sixty and perhaps more MPs of Di Maio will have made the Northern League overtake the grillini. Who – as it happens – ever since they became aware of Di Maio's Atlanticist blitz have stopped, or almost, to threaten crisis, disengagement or more.

On the other hand, it is precisely the fact that from today in Parliament the 5-star groups are no longer those with a relative majority that Di Maio was keen to boast by presenting yesterday evening, after a necessary information session at the Quirinale, the "project" that was proposed to create by calling it “Together for the future”. Which will be of himself, as the aforementioned Di Battista immediately reproached him among the insults, but it will hardly be that of the most titled professor of law, advocate of the people and even wealthy clients, former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

Di Maio's will also be a "little party" – as Marco Travaglio from the left reproached him in not new harmony, evoking Clemente Mastella's Udeur in the Fatto Quotidiano , and Maurizio Belpietro from the right on Truth – but it has already caused the "earthquake Not wrongly shouted by the Corriere della Sera . And other shocks it is destined to produce: for example in the Democratic Party. Where the secretary Enrico Letta, in spite of the ostentatious tranquility until yesterday, will find himself in the same shoes as the DC when in the editions of the center-left, with the hyphen, he did not know whether to pursue more, or to trust less, between Socialists and Social Democrats. Even that, in the intentions of both Aldo Moro and Amintore Fanfani, the two purebred horses of the scudocrociata stable, had to be a wide field, so to speak.

In this situation, which also makes today's debate in the Chamber decay into a minor event, a photocopy of that which took place yesterday in the Senate on the war in and around Ukraine, takes on a prophetic and dramatic character together with the latest message from Beppe Grillo from his blog, as both as guarantor and consultant of the 5 Star MoVement now "biodegradable" by his own admission or concern: "Sunlight is the best disinfectant". And what a sun, with the heat that is.

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