5 per thousand for Ankyra

It's time for tax returns, for those who have them. I like to suggest to readers who have not yet decided if and how to donate 5 per thousand of their taxes, to consider the Ankyra association , a non-profit organization based in Milan that provides assistance to men and women who are victims of violence and mistreatment.

Ankyra – Center for violence against abused people
CF 97661390159

What distinguishes Ankyra from other similar realities is the choice, almost unique in Italy, to accept requests for help from people of both sexes, in full compliance with art. 3 of our Constitution. This unfortunately and unjustly rare feature has made the association a national reference for men who suffer forms of relational violence and who are not heard in institutional centers. Ankyra is therefore also directly involved in countering the cultural drifts that feed a minimizing and censorious attitude towards the phenomena of male victimization.

I know the president of the association and some members of her staff, whose preparation, dedication and setting I appreciate. The cases they deal with are numerous and complex and often also involve children, innocent victims of adult crimes and unjust decisions. Unfortunately, today the economic resources necessary to develop the service and make it even more effective and widespread do not match the commitment made on a voluntary basis. I therefore invite those who read me to make a gesture of solidarity in support of a doubly meritorious initiative, for the help it gives and the culture it spreads.

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