In the desert I will speak to his heart

Therefore, behold, I will draw her, lead her into the wilderness, and speak to her heart.
From there I will give her her vineyards and the valley of Acor as a door of hope;
there he will answer me as in the days of his youth, as in the days he left the land of Egypt.

(Hosea 2,16-17)

Then the king of Egypt said to the midwives of the Hebrews, one of whom was called Sifra and the other Pua:
"When witnessing the birth of Jewish women, observe when the newborn is still between the two sides of the birth seat:
if it is a boy, you will make him die; if it is a female, it will be able to live ».
But the midwives feared God: they did not do as the king of Egypt commanded them and let the children live.

(Exodus 1: 15-17)

To some it seemed strange or out of tune that among the workers of the port of Trieste loaded while protesting against the imposition of the "green passport" someone held a rosary in their hands. It is an image we are not used to. In the last century and more the struggles of workers, for the right to work and against discrimination in the workplace, we have always seen them carried out under the red flags and of the trade unions, never with the symbols of the Christian religion. The dimensions and the outcome of the Trieste protest suggest not setting the case aside among the curious exceptions, but rather asking oneself if it is not the sign of a change taking place in the ways of representing and acting the relations between social forces.

In Trieste the big trade unions weren't there because they didn't want to be there. Already distracted bystanders or accomplices in the attacks on work claimed by global tie-makers, they had also allowed themselves to be traversed like ghosts by the absurd and vindictive experiment of suspending unvaccinated health workers even from professional associations . In the story reported by the dockers they had even managed to overcome the masters with the request to extend the injection obligation and the related discrimination to all citizens , workers and non-workers, without alternatives or exceptions. After a warm embrace with the banker who today leads the governorship of the Italians and who yesterday closed the ATMs of the Greeks to impose the turbopadronal reforms of the "troika" on them, the secretary of the Ggil snubbed the claims of the Trieste pier and invited members to demonstrate against the most chewable corpses of fascism. Who also required a card to work, but can no longer scratch from the grave.

Trieste was not only lacking in trade unions. There were no politicians, ministers, deputies, councilors or city councilors, neither red nor black, not even in absentia. There were no religious authorities, there were no intellectuals. There was no one but the people, who flocked to the city and Italy by the thousands to give a voice to the millions. Trieste was the ground zero of representation, the sepulcher of any residual idea of ​​republic and sovereignty. It was the desert, the finally perfect solitude of a leper people that must be removed from the mind and eyes , rinsed away with fire hydrants like dirt.

Here from that desert, as from the desert of the anchorites, prayers were raised, icons were displayed and praised to the last monsignor who does not promote pricks and potions, but speaks of God. In the abandonment the warnings of the psalm echoed, which " it is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man, better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in the powerful "(Ps 117: 8-9) and in the prophet, that" cursed be the man who trusts in man, who places the his support "(Jer 17.5). In the squares of Italy the rosary was recited and transmitted on internet channels, it was shelled in offices and on the subway, while even the most light-hearted among social media users relaunched the hashtag #NoiVogliamDio . Swept away the last veil of sand, every grain of the pink Jacobin Jerusalem fallen by the worms of calculation and lies, the rock on which the wise builds an existence, and therefore also a society, steadfast in justice, resurfaced (Mt 7:24 -27; Lk 6,46-49).

The desertion of the priests of the class struggle, crouched at the feet of the pharaoh, has laid bare the eternal struggle against the fruits of darkness which calls to fight all classes and all men on their way in the desert of earthly flattery (Lk 4: 1 -13). The clash has led to uncontainable ground in the tight panties of ideologies. The flight of the people from the tyranny of Egypt has begun, a flight of which the desert is the condition and the passage. Along the way there will be trials and temptations of idols, but on those who remain faithful the nourishment sent by Heaven and a hand capable of overwhelming the pursuers will descend. And the Law will descend as in the past, the only one on which a promised and better world can stand.

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