Viral government

A few days ago my third book, Viral Government , came out for the types of Arianna Editrice . From the polis to the fold , written in six hands with Pier Paolo Dal Monte and Francesco Maimone. As no one has reviewed it yet, I do it here.

In the first part, of which I am the author, I reorganized, developed and expanded the reflections already anticipated in this blog on the experience of the medical "lockdown", in its double factual and symbolic dimension. The result is an ongoing monograph with which I have tried to show in the plots of the traumatic measures inflicted on our and other countries, however unprecedented in their motives and proportions, an existential and social vision already widely experienced in the years of continuous "emergencies" that marked the new millennium. If the virus is new, nothing it caused is. As I write, there is indeed

a perfect symmetry between the illusion that facts shape civilizations and reality, that it is instead civilizations that produce facts and that they digest and tell them, invoke them and even fabricate them to dress their own visions. That, in short, events are "epochal" if they fulfill the expectations of an era.

In support of these considerations, I have also allowed myself some brief statistical forays, with the sole aim of framing the collective suicide of recent months in the context of a rational upheaval that reaches the point of inversion and reverberates on the holding of legal, political and intellectuals who are increasingly separating us from barbarism. The text concludes with a reflection on the biblical myth of the Tower of Babel in which I hope that the logical and moral disorder of recent months will represent the apex of a global hubris destined to collapse under the weight of its own enormities.

In the second part signed by Pier Paolo Dal Monte, the analysis goes further into the historical and cultural roots of the social pathology apparently triggered by the viral one, but in reality proper to a structure of thought that informs the whole modern and capitalist era. The author focuses in particular on the unhinging of the empirical and cognitive connections that have characterized the pandemic story-telling . The "ghost world" is the extreme strategy by which an exhausted and dysfunctional anthropological model tries to preserve its lies. Finally, in the appendix by Francesco Maimone, the theme of vaccination is tackled with which the last act of the "pandemic crisis" is staged and which in all likelihood represented the expected outcome from the beginning, as we had also predicted in Immunity of law . The lawyer Maimone does not focus on the drug, but on its mandatory nature and therefore on its being requisite to enjoy a wide range of fundamental rights, thus acting as a deadly lever to undermine the model of civilization concocted by the constituent fathers.

We have chosen to respond to the requests of the publisher and to publish these pages while aware of their contingency, in the midst of an event that almost certainly has yet to produce its worst results. Our hope is to have fixed in the quicksand of this becoming some reference to cling to so as not to be carried away by the impulses of the emergency government, not to end up like blind moths in its flame.

Service note : anyone wishing to receive an autographed copy of Viral Government and / or Legal Immunity from the undersigned (unfortunately not also from the other authors, due to the geographical distance that separates us), can write to me at the address faremocome at yandex dot com.

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