The left that demonizes the political opponent is no longer able to listen to the voters

The ignoble insults against Giorgia Meloni certify – once again – the haughty attitude of a certain left.

Mind you: the indefensible words of Gozzini and the other teachers towards the leader of the Brothers of Italy not only show the presumption of giving legitimacy licenses to those who are not aligned with "politically correct", but also highlight the contempt of a certain left towards the right-wing electorate.

If Giorgia Meloni is "a frog, a cow and a sow", consequently, 15 percent of the Italians who support her are made up of illiterate people going and back, "deplorables" , as Hilary Clinton allowed herself to define Donald Trump supporters in 2016.

This left super caste with claims of infallibility is the defeat of the left itself. Her presumption of knowing ex ante what is acceptable and respectable and what is politically incorrect, on everything and everyone, prevents her from taking into consideration the needs of the working class and attuning to them.

Like it or not, Matteo Salvini has taken the League from 4 to 25 percent in a few years, while Giorgia Meloni has founded a party that today represents, according to polls, 16 percent. Together, therefore, and, they represent 40 per center of the Italian electorate.

The popular vote remains to this day – at least in a democratic system – the first and most important legitimacy license that political leaders must possess. There is no need for the green light of a small caste that tries to demonize the political opponent of the moment with the despicable labels of "denier" or "racist".

An (unsolicited) advice to the left could be to move its cameras on citizens, in particular to start opposing the right in terms of content and political recipes, get off the pedestal and go back to listening to the workers, get out of the living rooms where you they only read Marx and Gramsci and open up to the world, understanding the reasons of the voters while not sharing their political agenda.

As long as the hammer of the "radical chic" will be only that of contempt, the tool of revenge of the citizens will be the vote, choosing precisely those – yesterday the 5 Stars, today Lega and Fratelli d'Italia – allergic to a certain arrogant and haughty left.

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