Nicola Bizzi: “Information viruses”

In this article I will address several issues that are only apparently disjointed, but in reality, as we shall see, absolutely interdependent. In fact, I will talk to you about information, information manipulation and the concepts of "meme" and "false flag". And you will understand why there is a common thread that connects the false flag of September 11, 2001 to the global coup that we are currently experiencing.

Recently, a controversial character like Elon Musk, for better or for worse one of the most powerful and influential men currently on the scene, stated in a television interview that whoever is in control of the "memes" actually controls the world. Mind you, he didn't talk about information control, he spoke expressly about "meme" control.

I have already dealt with in the past – it was 2011 and it was the tenth anniversary of the events of 11 September – in two editorials of the magazine that I was directing at the time, Novum Imperium , on the concepts of memes and false flags. I consider it a duty to return to the subject today, given its disconcerting relevance.

In the past, information had few analogue supports through which it could convey its evolutionary hopes. Information, of course, traveled and, even well before the advent of the industrial age, newspapers, radio and television potentially reached the whole world, even if they were intended for a limited target of people. But today, due to digitization and globalization, every single piece of information, if well addressed, can potentially become a trigger and graft vehicle available simultaneously to millions of minds. But it is also necessary to warn the users of the information against something we call a "meme".

By meme , a term that has become commonly used today and derives from the Greek μίμημα, mímēma , "imitation", we mean an entity of information that spreads like a virus from one mind to another or, in the Dawkinsian exception, a self-replicating unit of cultural information. The Greek root of this term reminds us that a fundamental characteristic of the meme is precisely that of being spread by imitation.

According to the definition given by the Webster Dictionary, a meme is in fact "an idea or a behavior that spreads from person to person within a culture" . And when a certain form of meme takes shape in a precise news or in a simple idea, this, if well conveyed, takes root in the minds of a multitude of people and creates thought patterns, becoming able to determine actions that affect everyday life. and to influence the behavior of peoples and, more generally, public opinion.

Already in the 19th century, the great American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson reminded us that «The key to every man is his thought. Although he may appear steadfast and autonomous, he has a criterion which he obeys, which is the idea by which he classifies all things. It can only be changed by showing him a new idea that dominates his own . " And he was certainly not wrong. But what happens when this new "idea" is born from the start as wrong or manipulated? What happens if the information behind a meme is false or distorted? A voluntary and conscious dissemination of data that is falsified or cleverly assembled in an incorrect or misleading way is not only an offense to people's intelligence and dignity, but a real media "tumor" destined to expand indefinitely with its networks of metastases and to shape and condition public opinion according to precise guidelines. And the masses, who, precisely because of today's digitalization and media globalization, have paradoxically less defenses against certain "viruses" than the peoples of antiquity or even only our ancestors, are particularly vulnerable when acting as a resonant bass drum of certain metastatic “memes” are the so-called mainstream media. Those media which, unfortunately still in the eyes of too many people, represent authoritative dispensers of "truth", while instead for some time they have become the main propagators of false news.

Recent history is full – for those who know how to see them – of examples of flawed memes circulated with the aim of shaping public opinion on certain topics. And the inevitable and punctual action of the compliant and "regime" media completes the work, making false and tendentious news rise in the minds of citizens to "absolute truth", news cleverly packaged in the control rooms of power for shape and condition public opinion. We see it today clearly with Covid-19, but we could also mention the case of "Mani Pulite", with which almost all of the Italian public opinion was led to believe that the magistrate caste represented the only and last bulwark against corruption and the rot of the party power, a caste of paladins to be blindly trusted for the salvation of the homeland. While in reality they wanted to behead an entire political class to replace it with another, equally corrupt but more complacent in the sale to the strong powers of world finance of capital and state resources.

We could then talk about the meme that in the 90s established in world public opinion the idea that the Serbs were the "bad guys" and that they had to be fought. This meme effectively led to Serbia's loss of its national sovereignty, two months of criminal and terrorist bombings by NATO on Belgrade and other cities in the country, and the creation, on the territory of the historic Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, of a mafia state run by drug traffickers and war criminals, but recognized and acclaimed by a large group of nations including Italy!

We could go on for a long time, mentioning Saddam's alleged "weapons of mass destruction" memo, generated and disseminated in order to justify the war on Iraq. Or the meme that spread the tale of the terrorist attacks by Al-Qaeda on September 11, 2001, an official version that leaks from all sides and in which even the cat no longer believes, but which however has served to generate a real and its own internal coup in the United States, to pave the way for the so-called "war on terrorism" and to orchestrate the first real global-scale restriction of civil and democratic rights and citizens' freedom of movement.

We could then talk about the meme generated to criminalize Iran, according to which the vision of a country dominated by a ferocious and ruthless dictatorship, in which the people are oppressed in misery and ignorance, has been insinuated for decades. . Too bad that, having been there several times, I can testify exactly the opposite. It is, yes, a Shiite Islamic theocracy, but I got to know personally a civilized and advanced country, with a high level of well-being and education, inhabited by a people who have achieved considerable social achievements and who would never give up own national sovereignty.

Another emblematic meme of the twentieth century is instead well described and explained by a brave author like Norman Finkelstein in his essay The Industry of the Holocaust ; meme that has actually made questionable data rise to dogmatic truth and which has led to the criminalization of free historians, who at best are branded and labeled as "politically incorrect".

In summary, the history of humanity has always been studded with information "viruses" skilfully put into circulation by the holders – more or less occult – of the reins of power, from the times of the Council of Nicaea to the more recent ones of the massacre of Bologna and the DC9 of Ustica, not to mention the story of the swine flu. But with the advent of the information and digital age certain "viruses" have enormously increased their contagion power. And we see it, unfortunately, today more than ever.

Eyes open then! Let us remember that the propagators of artificial information, almost always built at the table by complacent services that follow the orders of the "masters", enjoy enormous financial resources. While those who choose not to align themselves and do "counter-information", not only do not enjoy any economic resources, but are often persecuted, subjected to censorship and systematically labeled as a "conspiracy theorist".

Let's focus now on the concept and meaning of "false flag", an Anglo-Saxon neologism coined already during the Second World War, of which the online encyclopedia Wikipedia provides us with an exhaustive explanation: "The false flag tactic, or operation under false flag, it is a covert tactic generally conducted by large companies, intelligence agencies, governments, or political groups, and designed to appear to be pursued by other entities and organizations including through their infiltration and / or espionage. The name comes from 'false' and 'flag', meaning false flag. The idea is to 'sign' a certain operation as it were "hoisting" the flag of another state or the initials of another organization. A 'false flag' operation can be seen as the large-scale, strategic-political version of a fake author, but not only: the false flag tactic is not limited exclusively to war and counter-insurgency missions, but is used also in times of peace, such as in the Italian period of the strategy of tension, and also covers operations in which the enemy is guided without his knowledge towards the achievement of a goal that the same enemy may even consider to be connatural to the completion of his mission and / or the implementation of its strategy ".

Although there is no lack of examples in ancient history that I could cite, in more recent times the Gleiwitz accident of 1939, with which Reinhard Heydrich artfully constructed a "Polish attack" to mobilize opinion can be classified as "false flags" German public and to fabricate a false justification for the invasion of Poland. Or the Mukden episode of 1931, when Japanese officials built a pretext to annex Manchuria by blowing up a section of railway. They later produced the false claim that one of their soldiers was kidnapped in the Marco Polo Bridge episode as an excuse to invade China. And, back in 1939, there was a case of false flags when Stalin's Soviet Union bombed the village of Mainila on the border with Finland, later spreading the news of many victims. The episode was used as a justification for attacking the Scandinavian country.

Another "classic" case of false flags was Operation Northwoods, planned (but never executed) by groups of high-level US government officials, and aimed at inventing pretexts for a war against Cuba. This operation included scenarios such as the simulation of the hijacking of a passenger plane making the blame fall on Cuba, or terrorist acts against Cuban immigrants in the US, to be blamed on Castro's terrorists. Written and signed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, it was rejected by Defense Secretary Robert McNamara and only came to light thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, and was made publishes by James Bamford.

Recent history is also literally littered with cases of false flags. Suffice it to recall the brutal massacre of civilians in the Sarajevo market, carried out and conducted by Alja Izetbegovic's Muslim-Bosnian troops to put the blame on the Serbs.

But let's come to the present day. A few days ago the nineteenth anniversary of the events of 11 September occurred, the false flag par excellence of modern and contemporary history. In one of his videos published on Youtube, the writer Roberto Quaglia, a person of great preparation and intelligence, expounded in an exemplary way the parallels and correlations between this event and the "pandemic" of our days, explaining how there is the same behind both direction. The first event in fact served to generate and spread the fear of "terrorism" on a mass level, so that citizens, in the name of "security", would accept, without too much objection, liberticidal laws such as the Patrioct Act in the United States and similar measures enacted in other nations and unprecedented restrictions on freedoms and rights. The "Operation Corona", unleashed last autumn and still in progress, has acted exactly on the same path: in the name of fear, this time not of "terrorism", but of an elusive "virus", however never isolated and demonstrated, citizens of much of the world have even agreed to be put under house arrest for months, to interrupt their work activities, to isolate themselves and not even see their friends, relatives and family members and to wear useless and grotesque muzzles .

As Roberto Quaglia explains well, it is not the "Covid" that has allowed all this, but its "narration", its "meme". Covid is, in fact, only the "narrative" that has been used by certain elites of power to achieve, by leveraging fear, a certain result: an unprecedented authoritarian turn in history.

I feel I personally owe a debt of gratitude to Giorgio Cattaneo and the Libreidee site, since they have been quoting and reporting many of my statements for some time, giving ample prominence to my articles of denunciation. It will be me, therefore, this time, to quote the Libreidee site, which just today, September 16, published an interesting article entitled Yesterday the terrorism, today the virus. Same direction: fear . This article contains important statements by Prof. Edward Curtin, Professor of Sociology at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. I mention a few, as they speak for themselves and do not need any comment:

«To anyone who has experienced the attacks of 11 September 2001 and the phenomenon of the so-called Covid-19 of 2020, the memory can serve to highlight a disturbing parallel between the two events. The main link is that both events heightened the normal fear humans have of death. When religion loses its grip on the human imagination, especially as regards the belief in immortality (as Orwell pointed out in the mid-1940s), what remains is a huge void. Without that consolation, fear is usually exorcised with futile expedients. In the case of the September 11, 2001 attacks and the current coronavirus operation, the fear of death has been used by power elites to control populations and carry out long-planned programs. There is a red thread that connects the two events. Both events were clearly foreseen and planned » .

“After the attacks of September 11, 2001, it was repeatedly said that the world had changed forever. Now we are told that, after Covid-19, life will never be the same again. This is the "new normal," while the post 9/11 and pre Covid-19 world must have been the old new normal. This new old normal will undoubtedly be a form of techno-fascist transhumanism, implemented "for our own good". As in the case of 9/11, there is ample evidence that the coronavirus outbreak was predicted and planned, and that people were the victims of a propaganda campaign that used an invisible virus to induce us into submission. and blocking the world economy in favor of global elites. It is not a conspiracy theory, but a clear and concrete plan set out in the Rockefeller 2010 Report, in Event 201 of 18 October 2019 and, among other things, in Agenda 21 » .

"Like the amorphous terrorists and the war against" terrorism "(which is a tactic and therefore not something that can be fought), a virus is invisible: watch your back, pay attention to your face, dress up, wash your hands, keep your distances. As with 9/11, whenever someone questions the official Covid-19 narrative, the official statistics, the validity of the tests, the effectiveness of the masks, the powers behind the much-vaunted upcoming vaccine and the horrific consequences lockdowns mock dissidents as conspiratorial fools. This also happens when the dissidents are highly respected doctors, scientists and intellectuals who are regularly banned from the Internet. By 9/11, there had initially been far fewer dissidents than there are now, and so the elimination of conflicting opinions did not need blatant censorship, which is now growing by the day. This censorship affects the whole Internet, quickly and subtly, the same Internet that is imposed on everyone as the new normal according to the Great Global Reset, the digital lie of a future in which, as Anthony Fauci said, no one will have to shake hands " .

I am personally certain that a full declassification of the events of September 11, 2001 is near. The truth will come to light, it will be fully exposed. Many will be shocked, but eventually they will set their neurons in motion and understand how and how much everything is connected. And maybe they will wake up, maybe they will come out of the cave in which they have blissfully vegetated up to now, and maybe they will even take off their muzzles. Although, for the more attentive people, this truth has already in fact been exposed nine years ago. On March 12, 2011, in fact, a news was released that was passed rigorously in silence in our newspapers and on our news, but which I reported in my magazine Novum Imperium : traces of nano-termite explosives have been identified among the debris of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York. Yes, precisely the Towers, those Towers that the American and world public opinion has been led to believe were demolished by the most terrible and spectacular terrorist attack in history. Analyzing numerous debris collected immediately after the collapse, Dr. Steven Jones, a professor of physics at Brigham Young University, assisted by an international team of nine scientists, clearly identified residues of nano-termite explosives, generally used for military purposes. After a rigorous peer-review process , the news of the discovery and the related documentation were published in the prestigious scientific journal Bentham Chemical Phisics Journal , one of the most accredited and respected publications in the USA In summary, as they already demonstrated (for those who had eyes careful to understand it) some videos shot during the collapse, it is now possible to officially state that it was not the planes that hit them that caused the collapse of the Twin Towers, but a whole series of explosive charges placed with extreme skill and skill in numerous points of the two buildings.

Wake up, before it's too late!

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