Behind an apparently absurd decision, a secretly rational project?

The green pass is a blackmail that they – with the typical hypocrisy of the master father who calls his sturdy belt flip – designate "gentle push". The green pass is unscientific, because it offers the illusion to the vaccinated of an immunity they do not have (and everyone knows it, from Nobel laureates to the Ministry of Health). The green pass is dangerous, because it induces those who are vaccinated to let their guard down, convinced that they are permanently protected. The green pass is discriminatory because it creates two classes of people: the self-styled immune to whom the exercise of fundamental rights is guaranteed "for free", and the pariahs to whom that exercise is granted only by paying the penalty (almost daily) of a tampon.

The green pass would be legally impracticable in a secular state, worthy of this adjective, because it aims to obtain self-styled virtuous behavior from citizens, which only an ethical state – and therefore, by nature, taxing, violent and tendentially totalitarian – can demand. The green pass is manipulative on a psychological, moral and linguistic level, because it is imposed for a clearly false reason (more freedom for everyone), with an intention that is all the more cowardly and petty as it is not explicitly declared (more vaccine for everyone). The green pass is illogical, because it prescribes an almost intolerable burden (for the costs and for the nuisance caused) to the now rare unvaccinated citizens; a donation that was not required, in the rage of Covid, of any citizen, when they were all unvaccinated. The green pass goes exactly against the line requested by Europe, after decades of homework done only because Europe asked us to.

The green pass is ultimately a measure, in order: blackmail, anti-scientific, dangerous, discriminatory, illegal, manipulative, illogical, anti-European. And so why? Why do they do it? The most popular explanation among the few antagonists to the System is that we are ruled by citrulli. That is, we would be the last wheel of the wagon, as always: a people of imbeciles ruled by scoundrels. If so, it would be heartening. Because, in the end, the strength of evidence and reason, or at least that of politics and historical wind, would prevail: we too would fall into the ranks of reasonableness as well as, and for the same reason that, in due course we entered in the hellish circle of the euro.

But what if it were the other way around? What if Italy were simply leading the way, the forerunner of a model that will then be up to everyone else? After all, just seven years ago, our country was officially invested with the role of world standard-bearer in vaccination campaigns. It's all written on the ISS website: “As part of the Global Health Security Agenda, Italy has been designated as the leader of vaccination strategies and campaigns around the world for the next five years. To receive this prestigious assignment at the White House in Washington, in the presence of Barack Obama, Minister Lorenzin and the President of AIFA Pecorelli commenting: 'an important international scientific and cultural recognition for our country'. Italy will lead vaccination strategies and campaigns around the world over the next five years. This is what was decided at the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) which took place last Friday at the White House. Our country, represented by the Minister of Health Beatrice Lorenzin, accompanied by the President of the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) prof. Sergio Pecorelli, received the assignment from the Summit of 40 countries which was also attended by US President Barack Obama ”.

Under a clearly absurd decision, perhaps, there is a perfectly rational explanation: the world has been used as a guinea pig only for vaccines, we also to test how the world will be, once the vaccination is completed.

Francesco Carraro

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