COVID: THE FIRST VIRUS WITH A PASSPORT. Look at the map and smile

A quick post to make you smile. The virus is not sensitive to temperature, seasonality, humidity or lifestyle habits. No, the virus has a passport and does not enter countries or regions where they do not give it a transit permit.

Do you want proof? this map, prepared by the German government, shows the spread of Covid-19 in Europe with the number of deaths per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 7 days. Look at the picture and see if there is something strange ..

What happens on the border with the Czech Republic is impressive: within kilometers, it goes from 5-35 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants to 100 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. Situation similar to the western border with Belgium. The only area that does not seem to see this very hard transit is the northern border with Denmark and the one with Austria, as if everything had been resolved with the Anschluss.

There are three cases:

  • the virus has a passport and a way-sheet for Germany and the German-speaking areas;
  • health care is much higher in Germany, where maybe they have the cure and they don't tell us, and those in neighboring countries suck;
  • the German body RKI uses a completely different classification criterion which significantly reduces the number of deaths.

Honestly, we do not want to speculate: maybe in Belgium, Holland and the Czech Republic they have bad health ministers, such as Hope who lost 4 months to expand the departments linked to Covid-19, and actually have more deaths. Draw your own conclusions.

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