Ebay: yes to cryptocurrencies and NFT

Ebay CEO Jamie Iannone revealed in an interview with CNBC that the auction giant was trying to allow payment in cryptocurrencies. He also revealed that eBay is "exploring opportunities" on how to allow the sale of NFT, the Non Fungible Tokens that are having so much success in the media.

According to media reports, eBay originally began considering accepting Bitcoin for payments in 2013, and there have been rumors ever since, but eBay has been much slower to embrace cryptocurrencies than its former subsidiary, PayPal, which has allowed customers to hold and trade cryptocurrencies last year. .

Ebay would enter the world of virtual currencies well after other giants such as Square and Tesla. the feeling is that this announcement was done mainly to recover interest from investors, at a time when the company's earnings and data are not particularly bright.

In its latest earnings report, eBay said Wednesday afternoon that it expects 91 cents to 96 cents of adjusted earnings per share and revenues of $ 2.98 billion to $ 3.03 billion during the second quarter, which were below expectations. of the analysts interviewed by Refinitiv. The shares, which were at $ 62 a few days ago, had fallen to $ 55 per share. After the announcement, the stock had risen to $ 58.

The opening of the online auction market for NTFs is a very interesting event, given the spread they are starting to have among sports collectors, especially with the recent “Top Shot” series. A market that seems made for an online auction site and that is sending Ethereum through the roof.

A couple of hours after Ianonne's interview, the Block, a popular crypto news outlet, reported that PayPal, which was once part of eBay, held "exploratory talks" about launching its stablecoin and that the company would toured with various stablecoin protocol developers.

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