FDA: public vaccine data in 2076. The true meaning of “Long Term”

How do you pretend to do something, refusing to do it? It is postponed to a distant future, and it is made so confusing and complicated that it is useless.

The FDA has repeatedly pledged "full transparency" regarding Covid-19 vaccines, stating "the FDA's commitment to transparency" when it licensed Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine.

With this promise in mind, in August and shortly after the vaccine was approved, more than 30 academics, professors and scientists from this country's most prestigious universities requested the data and information submitted to the FDA by Pfizer to authorize its COVID vaccine. -19.

The FDA's response? It has not made any data public. Then, in September, the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency filed a lawsuit against the FDA to request this information. To date, nearly three months after clearing Pfizer's vaccine, the FDA has yet to publish anything.

But it gets worse: Two days ago, the FDA asked a federal judge to give time until 2076 to fully produce this information. The FDA asked the judge to let the 329,000 pages of documents that Pfizer provided to the FDA to authorize its vaccine at the rate of 500 pages per month, which means that its production would not be completed before 2076, could be produced. other it is a volume equal to over 250 Bibles !! (on average 1200 pages each)

A mockery also because if Pfizer has really provided 320,000 pages of documents, who has read them all? What checks have been made on these documents? Probably nothing.

The FDA justifies itself by stating that the 500-page-per-month rate “is consistent with processing programs entered by courts across the country in the freedom of Information Act (FOIA) cases” for its own too broad application.

With this response, the FDA protects a private company, also passing through a dishonest agency that makes fun of citizens and refuses to inform them. everything is folded to big capital, even an American agency.

However, let's take it with irony, also because we can't do otherwise. John Maynard Keynes used to say that "In the long run we will all be dead". Here, the FDA gives a tangible meaning to the term "Long term". the one in which, in one way or another, we will all be dead. But even the executives of pharmaceutical companies.

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