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For some time unsuspected: it was not depleted uranium that caused Hodgkin’s lymphomas in the Italian military, but excess vaccination

Often the dangers of certain therapies are never adequately considered except ex post, when unfortunately it is late, because deaths and suffering have occurred.

A 2017 article by SviluppoDifesa highlighted how Hodgkin's lymphomas that appeared among the Italian military in an anomalous way during a series of international missions, including that in Kosovo, were not due to depleted uranium, but to other factors, including excessively repeated vaccinations and short distances from each other.

The theme is well known: many Italian soldiers fell ill with cancer on their return from missions abroad and with such a frequency as to suspect a connection. Then a scientific investigation by the Ministry of Defense started and took an interest in the problem, first with inconclusive research, then with the SIGNUM project, acronym for study of Genotoxic Impact in Military Units, which involved as many as 982 soldiers and evaluated, with the help of 14 international experts, a large number of environmental and lifestyle factors.

The results were surprising:

In the soldiers monitored, the amount of depleted uranium present in the blood and urine was not increased at the end of the mission, but decreased. Instead, the levels of cadmium and nickel, notoriously carcinogenic, increased and the oxidative damage on the dna of lymphocytes, that is of the cells of the immune system, increased, in particular among subjects who carried out an intended activity outside and had undergone 5 or more vaccinations. . The environmental monitoring instead excluded significant contamination due to uranium and exposure to other specific genotoxic pollutants ".

The values ​​were particularly high among those who had undergone frequent and close vaccinations, from four to eight. The investigation continued and found that:

The results confirmed what emerged from the Signum Project, highlighting the possibility that particular, massive and close vaccination practices could lead to a "disorganization of the immune system", which in turn could contribute to the manifestation of serious autoimmune diseases, such as thyroiditis, multiple sclerosis, erythema nodosum, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and, according to some studies, leukemias and lymphomas. Under accusation were above all the methods of vaccination administration, with an increasingly evident link between close vaccinations and lowering of the immune defenses, and their very content, which highlighted the presence of heavy metals such as aluminum and mercury, certainly carcinogenic, used in some types of vaccines such as excipients and preservatives to enhance their effect.

So apparently a good therapy too. badly inoculated, too frequently, and then combined with a situation of environmental stress, it had caused many more problems than it had been studied for. This would make a serious investigation even more necessary to study the effects of the prolonged and close vaccinations to which Minister Speranza wants to subject the Italians in this period.

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