FUSARO: WHAT DOES LOCKDOWN HIDE? Why are so many parts still secret? (look at India)

A brief interesting intervention by the philosopher Fusaro highlights the shortcomings in the communications of the documents of the Scientific Technical Committee recently declassified:

  • Why are some of the documents, and more precisely those linked to Alzano and Nembro, still secret?
  • why was there a total lockdown, when the CTS did not recommend it? The effectiveness of the total lockdown has yet to be proven. For example, in India there has been a very hard lockdown that has been going on for months, yet the data seem to show that it is useless and cannot contain the contagion better than localized closures wanted by the CTS.
  • why prolong the painful lockdown only with the DPCM and with press conferences held in the evening, and instead not open a real parliamentary discussion on the issue, bringing the decisions to a democratic level?

In short, Conte's decisions are full of dark points and to be clarified, but they have been paid hard by all Italians. Now count should be accountable.

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