Germany is considering the nationalization of the branches of the giants Gazprom and Rosfnet

Now news that explains how closely Russia and Germany are closely linked, to the point of creating an interdependence that has canceled European autonomy. Germany is considering nationalizing the German branches of Russian oil and gas giants Rosneft and Gazprom, out of concern that these companies are systematically important to the German energy market and could run into financial problems, the business newspaper reported this week. edesco Handelsblatt , citing government sources.

The German ministry of economy is now considering these drastic steps in light of the importance of both companies' German branches for the German energy market. The decision is linked to the fact that, due to the sanctions of the war in Ukraine, the parent companies do not have easy access to their financing, while the German credit system is very reluctant to finance them due to Russian ownership. However, their importance is now strategic in the German energy system. Gazprom Germany, headquartered in Berlin, operates large gas storage facilities, while Rosneft Deutschland is a key company in the German markets for the supply and distribution of gasoline, diesel and aviation kerosene. Russia has penetrated deeply into the German energy system, becoming something that Berlin can no longer do without. Germany thought of industrially colonizing the Russian giant, it has been colonized by it.

This would be the umpteenth emergency energy decision, after the first step of the emergency plan was activated at the beginning of the week, following the news of the imposition of the gas payment in rubles. energy from Moscow. Despite this and the various threats, Germany and Europe continued to receive supplies from Gas on a regular basis, indeed the system put in place by Gazprombank allows you to pay in Euros converted by the bank itself into Rubles. This creates unsanctioned reserves of hard currency that Russia can freely dispose of.

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