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Home care protocol rejected. Now doctors can cure

The program is presented RadioRadio this news that it is now official: the protocols of the Ministry regarding the guidelines that GPs were to follow than Covid patients are now suspended. The provisions on the 'watchful waiting' and the impossibility of doctors to administer drugs were canceled by a decision of the TAR. The appeal filed by doctors Salvucci Fabrizio Giuseppe Giorgio Stramezzi, Luca and Riccardo Szumsky Poretti against the note AIFA of December 9, 2020 about "the case management principles Covid -19 in the home setting" Was welcomed

"The Regional Administrative Court of Lazio – reads the sentence – this gives the order for cancellation, after suspension, the AIFA note dated 9 December 2020 (…) to the extent that in the early days of from Sars-covid disease only it provides a 'watchful waiting' and administration of fans and paracetamol, and in so far poses no indications of use of all drugs generally used by general practitioners for patients with covid ". The cards on the table are completely changing: the doctors who have been taking care of Covid patients going house to house for a year now can no longer be ignored.

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