Iran flatly rejects European mediation in negotiations with Biden

Iran yesterday firmly and outright rejected the Biden administration's offer for EU-mediated direct nuclear talks to restore terms of the JCPOA nuclear deal, according to senior diplomats quoted in the Wall Street Journal .

This is the predictable response to the US request to return to the pre-2018 situation on depleted uranium, specifically reverencing the uranium enrichment levels set by the 2015 agreement in order to ease sanctions. Tehran then stressed that Washington was the first to depart from the agreement.

The Islamic Republic has categorically "excluded" the talks due to Washington's intransigence on reducing sanctions. "Two senior Western diplomats said Iran has ruled out attending a meeting in Europe for now, saying it first wanted a guarantee that the US would lift some sanctions after the meeting ," writes WSJ.

Later on Sunday, Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said that the United States must fulfill its commitments first because " the Islamic Republic has long honored all its JCPOA commitments ," according to a tweet.

At present, therefore, the negotiations seem to have reached a dead end: the US wants Tehran to decide to stop uranium enrichment first, Tehran wants sanctions to stop first. A classic stall.

Amid the continual back and forth diplomats seeking a certain level of breakthrough to bring "both sides to the table", France, the UK and Germany are working on a resolution they intend to present to the board of the International Energy Agency. nuclear power next week that would censor Iran for its recent steps to expand its nuclear activities and for its inability to cooperate with the agency's investigation into its nuclear work, ”continues WSJ.

"Iran has warned that if the censorship move goes ahead, it could end an agreement reached earlier this month with the IAEA that allows most international inspections to continue their work," notes the report. .

Iran continues to support the threat that at any moment it could restrict and remove IAEA inspectors from the country – inspections that continue only now on a conditional basis for 3 months.

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