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Is the obligation to wear masks back? Bad signals from the USA. Election masks?

Bad news is circulating in the US that colleges and offices are starting to reinstate COVID mask wearing and contact tracing, despite no new cases of the virus being reported. All reported by Summit News

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Monday that Morris Brown College, a private black liberal arts college, has reinstated the measures as part of a "precautionary measure."

The report notes that students and staff will be asked to mask when on campus, just one week before classes start.

There have been "reports of positive cases among students at the Atlanta University Center," a consortium of black colleges and universities located in western Atlanta, a statement released by the college said.

The measures, which include social distancing, temperature controls and no large gatherings, will be in place for two weeks.

Infowars says that the TSA, the US security agency, has received indications on a possible return of the obligation to wear masks starting from October.

It seems that the federal government is also taking action, hiring advisory and supervisory staff and purchasing materials

In Los Angeles, the production company Lionsgate is considering bringing back the obligation to wear masks for at least half of its employees

Even if the usefulness of the masks is nothing, if not negative, the desire for control by the authorities is too great to give up, especially in the year leading up to the elections. Biden and his friends, even in Europe, have tasted absolute power and are struggling to give it up.

Omnipotence is the strongest feeling.

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