Mike Pompeo will race for the White House in 2024, but on one condition….

Mike Pompeo does not rule out participating in the race for the White House, according to an interview with Fox News. Indeed, this race appears very likely, but with a great condition: his participation will materialize only if … Donald Trump does not participate, An act of respect by the previous secretary of state who assures him the support of Trumpist voters.

“I care deeply about America,” Pompeo told presenter Sean Hannity, adding “You and I have been part of the conservative movement for a very long time now. I intend to continue to be part of it ”.

When Hannity said he would consider these words as a "strong possibility" for the presidential race in 2024, Pompeo replied "That's perfect."

Pompeo said that under the Biden administration, the country went from "America First" to "Blame America First" "Blame America first," echoing his own words at the CPAC, and expressed concern about the way the Biden president is perceived by foreign leaders.

“World leaders, my counterparts around the world, are watching closely,” he said, adding “Senior executives around the world, they watch every statement that is made, they watch every move. They see what their patterns are like, the kinds of behaviors they show when times are tough and when the pressure is really high. "

The former secretary of state compared Biden's lack of relationship with the press to Trump's almost constant presence.

“President Trump would have been out there. He talked to the media all the time, probably more than any modern president, ”he said. "He was in contact with the media on a wide range of topics … When a leader can't do it, when he can't answer questions, when he can't explain the policies he's involved in, when he seems to be hiding behind, whether it's personal or simply of the fact that they don't have time, the leaders look at it and ask themselves questions ”. Curiously, this observation is very similar to the latest criticisms made of Draghi of little appeal with the press.

“When the United States shows weakness. There are real risks for our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines around the world, ”Pompeo continued. "Weakness breeds wars and strength determines whether an opponent will be discouraged, and also determines whether allies really want to join us when times get tougher."

According to Pompeo, China represents "the most sustained threat to our fundamental way of life" and suggested that the Biden administration "take that threat more seriously".

"The American people deserve it and I know they expect it."

Here is the complete interview, obviously, unfortunately, in English….

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