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Off to the counter-duties against the USA for BOEING-AIRBUS. Sanctions

Long live the EU (or the Franco-German duo) can finally respond to the duties imposed by the US for the case of US state aid to Boeing. Tariffs on imports into the Union will not exceed four billion dollars in total, a little less than those granted to the US for EU state aid to Airbus which amounted to 7.5 billion dollars. The dispute over aid to the aeronautical industries ends with a nice one by one, ball in the middle, international trade put in the attic.

We recall that Italy, although not part of the Airbus Consortium and therefore not having received any aid or economic advantage, was hit by an increase in duties on liqueurs, cured meats, juices and cheeses to 25% with a loss of at least 500 million of Euro. All this because some Piddino, let's face it, voted in favor of aid to Germany and France for an aeronautical construction company that is now at its financial limit.

At the same time, the other company that received state aid, Boeing, is closing plants, canceling production and leaving tens of thousands of skilled workers at home. So the European Union and the US threw money, and now heavy sanctions are applied, for helping two companies that are now almost on the verge of bankruptcy. An absolutely brilliant activity with a destruction of capital that takes us back to the boom-crash of the canals in the USA or of the railways in the UK in the nineteenth century. Literally money thrown to the wind which then even resulted in a ridiculous war.

Now the US provides resources to Boeing also because it has very strong military contracts, while Europe has done so with the same intelligence and vision for which now they are about to throw a few hundred billion into the Green Deal. Mark it.

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