“People who bleed”: in the Gender paradise of the English health service, female menstruation no longer exists

The terms "women" and "girls" have been omitted from the guidelines on menstruation funded by the National Health Service, as revealed by the DailyMail

A website created by the Welsh government to give advice on menstruation refers to them as "people who bleed" and "half the population", definitions that may be misleading and which are not precise, but which, evidently, satisfy the desire to "Politically correct". Speaking of "women" is now becoming excessive, too violent.

The use of gender-neutral language has reignited controversy over whether biological women have been erased from crucial public health advice. Experts warned that the wording could confuse vulnerable young girls from disadvantaged areas or whose first language is not English.

The guide was published by Bloody Brilliant , an online resource funded by the decentralized Labor government. It was created in 2021 with the aim of “breaking the taboo of menstruation by encouraging conversation on one of the most normal and natural topics”.

The council is the latest example of the “de-sexualization” of the guidelines of the National Health Service.

Earlier this year, the DailyMail also revealed how terms such as "woman" were deleted from the NHS England pages on menopause and uterine cancer.

Bloody Brilliant, a website commissioned by the National Health Service to provide information on the menstrual cycle and to eliminate the stigma surrounding menstruation, has been criticized for refusing to mention "women" and "girls", referring instead to "people who bleed. ". The authors of the site say they want to "empower all who bleed" and that people shouldn't feel embarrassed about something that has "half the population".
+12, which is right, too bad that menstruation is something purely female. If a male has bleeding it is from an internal wound or injury, so excluding male-female differentiation can cause confusion and potential harm.

I wonder how the feminists themselves do not oppose and protest this deletion of the terms "Woman", "Girl", or "Female", as if they were something dirty, to be ignored and deleted. Yet, in the name of "Politically correct" and "Gender", 50% of the population becomes something to ignore. These are the results of a cultural perversion that is among us.

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