RECOVERY FUND, SEVEN COUNTRIES DO NOT SIGN. First I want to be clear about taxes. Not everyone has Gualtieri

We have been telling you for months that it is NOT sure there will be the Recovery Fund, and that is why all the plans of the PD are just illusions now. The reason is simple: there are countries that do not have heterodirect governments, finance ministers who take orders directly from Berlin and Brussels, but who first of all want to see things clearly.

Today at the meeting of the 27 EU ambassadors (Coreper) seven countries did not support the proposal for a written procedure for the adoption of the 'own resources' chapter, which would have paved the way for ratification by national parliaments, for the Recovery Fund, explaining that he wants to see the whole package first, including the decision on the 2021-2027 Budget . The countries that did not authorize the continuation automatically were the frugal countries ( Holland, Austria, Denmark and Sweden ) that had already opposed, Finland , Poland , which also would have had considerable advantages, and Hungary . In particular, the Frugals fear to see the 'rebates' (discounts on national contributions to the common budget) reduced or canceled in the negotiations with the Council, while Poland and Hungary intend to see clearly on the conditionality on the rule of law, i.e. they want to avoid conditioning at the level of of government and legislation by the Union.

So no one wants to do anything for free, everyone wants to know what's going on from a fiscal point of view, and to be sure their citizens won't be overburdened. Not everyone has the dubious pleasure of having generous people like the good Roberto Gualtieri as minister of the economy and finance, always ready to sacrifice the money … of their fellow citizens on the altar of Europe. The others want the good, more or less of their nations. Our rulers only want the good of Europe.

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