San Marino returns to normal and replenishes all the suspended sanitary ware because they have not been vaccinated. When will Italy do it?

As S anmarinoTV notes, we are now back to normal for San Marino healthcare, after covid-19. In fact, from October 1st, decree 111 of 222, which provided only for a temporary reintegration of health workers, expires and the government of the small republic has decided not to extend it. The Legislative Decree 72 of April, which required vaccination, would therefore come back into force, but which will be immediately repealed. The result will therefore be a complete clean-up of the special legislation issued for health professionals during the covid and the return to pre-pandemic conditions. On the other hand, the hygiene and control measures for the spread of the virus remain unchanged, such as masks, to access the hospital, outpatient clinics. doctors, health centers and pharmacies. A measure not particularly useful, but still tolerable from the point of view of annoyance.

So, between abrogations and natural deadlines, the Republic of the Titan, which not surprisingly has the word Libertas in its emblem, has decided to return to normality, as now a good part of the world Only in Italy for not only healthcare personnel, but even administrative staff employed in health care, the vaccination obligation remains under penalty of suspension. A decision that risks aggravating the shortcomings of the national health system when the normal flu season approaches, which in any case will lead many Italians to need public health services. A frankly inexplicable decision, like many others.

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