SECURITIZED HOSPITALS IN TUSCANY TO SPECULATE PROJECT FINANCING PROFITS. Red Tuscany, apotheosis of the destruction of public health. (by Marco Santero).

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In the fiery electoral campaign for the regionals in Tuscany, one thing went almost unnoticed (only a "minor" candidate spoke about it), because talking about certain topics means questioning the entire financial approach on which for decades and decades there has been based in Italy.

That is, we must renounce the prevailing neo-liberalism and savage globalism as the Constitution provides!

Let's see if I can explain with an example:

You, yes you, have a house that needs a renovation, but instead of renovating YOUR house, you abandon it and give much more money, borrowing from banks, to a private individual who adds only a quarter of the total to build (as it seems to him) a new house that will be his property for many decades, while you will have to pay him a hefty rent (and HE will always manage the house including cleaning) ………

Would you who are reading accept such a contract?

only a demented person would accept, but in this case the money does not belong to those who accept this absurd contract, but to all citizens who are plucked for decades!

But let's tell the story that nobody tells you a little better:

  1. before Tangentopoli, when Italy was “so much… .. so corrupt and with a“ weak…. weak ”(which had made us the 4th manufacturing power in the world!) If a region wanted to build a hospital, it requested a loan from the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti which collects the small postal savings.

  2. The Cassa Depositi e Prestiti gave the loan at a low rate (with respect to inflation) and with the gain it remunerated the small postal savings: little but ultra-safe because it was based only on loans to the state and public entities.

  3. In this system to "puppare" (to put it in Tuscany) you had to make bribes and various robberies on contracts which were however based on the procurement code and therefore risky if a judge made a commitment to investigate.

  4. International finance, faced with so much wealth accumulated by Italians, decides to get rid of the Italian ruling class, corrupt yes, but which knew how to defend Italian sovereignty (if I have a vegetable garden I have to eat there, not let every foreigner who passes … … like the most ramshackle and idiotic of the prostitutes who sells herself for a loaf of bread while she has sacks of flour at home and lets them take them away from foreigners after they have done "their comforts")

  5. The Palamara-style judiciary executes with great zeal, Italy ends up ruled by incompetent totals at a Macroeconomic level and we have seen the results for decades … … .. Even worse!

  6. But at this point the new politicians were asking themselves a serious question: how can friends and the related economic system be "puppet" without risking jail? Basically, how can citizens who are kept in total ignorance by the media financed by politicians, always by citizens' money (RAI fee in bills, public funding to the press, etc.) be stripped of the flesh?

  7. the diabolical and ingenious solution comes with project financing (as soon as you hear an English term for a provision, prepare the lubricant ….)

  8. Three quarters of public money are taken, plus a quarter of private money (put in by investment banks as well as public money).

  9. The private individual prepares a project as he likes (on vague general indications) and the consortium that wins the concession manages the entire mass of money (hundreds of millions of euros for the construction of one or as in the case of the article more hospitals) as if it were entirely his and builds without the procurement code, because in effect it is a private work for the entire duration of the concession.

  10. Once the construction is completed, the Public Hospital (note the term Company) rents the Hospital for 25, 30 or more years (according to the contract) and pays 17,000,000 euros to the hospital per year (for 4 makes 68,000,000 a year) of euros for a total multi-billionaire for the private individual who in exchange also manages all the hospital services, as well explained in the article, including cleaning on which to make a profit … … thoughts I leave to you (tens of thousands of deaths a year from hospital infections will be a coincidence?)

  11. Here served the perfect method to "puppare in accordance with the law" and in fact the Court of Auditors, while censoring the work can do nothing.

The incredible thing is that the Piddini politicians who have made this mess have also boasted of having built new hospitals throughout Tuscany, the banks have gotten fat on loans and the concessionary builders have guaranteed stratospheric profits for decades and the Tuscans there for them were happy too, but as taxes increase? nothing because no one explains the "game" to him!

But greed never ends and why wait all those years to collect the total and then here we are at the article mentioned at the beginning:

The concessionaires sell (securitize in technical terms) the concession to a speculative fund and therefore now these hospitals are in all respects the property of a fund that will manage them to make the maximum profit… .. is the way clear?

If with the privileged debts that we are about to do in foreign law (Recovery Fund and MES) we find ourselves without money to pay the hospital rents, the fund will tell us:

" Dear Tuscan citizens, the hospital is mine, all the services are already managed by me, dismiss all the health and administrative staff and I will hire on a private contract (less money + work) that part of doctors and nurses that I will need ……… and voilà totally private healthcare is served! "

So dear Tuscans, thank you adoring those who have administered you in the last 20 years and prepare your wallet for the near future.

The same havoc they want to do in the Marche, but after the Tuscan havoc, finally the unions CGIL, CISL and UIL (which has decades left to do) in the Marche are rising up (but only for the exploitation of workers in the services managed by the concessionaire), because the 'whole "play" do not even understand.

Perhaps the Marches will be saved from a similar massacre if these concepts are sufficiently disseminated.


But as Brother Cristoforo said: "The day will come when …"

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