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Self-driving cars: stop all tests in California, due to too many accidents.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles has suspended the rollout of self-driving vehicles and canceled all permits for General Motors' Curise company to test driverless cars statewide, citing safety concerns and accidents.

When there is an unreasonable risk to public safety, the DMV may immediately suspend or revoke permits ,” the California DMV wrote in a press release.

The DMV's suspension is based on several factors, including " the manufacturer's vehicles are unsafe for the public" and "the manufacturer misrepresented any information regarding the safety of its vehicles' autonomous technology ."

Additionally, the DMV's decision was based on the policy that “ Any act or omission of the manufacturer or any of its agents, employees, contractors, or assigns that the department determines makes the manufacturer's conduct of autonomous vehicle testing on public roads an unreasonable risk” to the public.

We learned today at 10:30 a.m. PT of the suspension of our driverless permits by the California DMV ,” Cruise spokeswoman Hannah Lindow told CNBC, adding that all Cruise robotaxi vehicles in San Francisco have been stopped.

Last week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened an investigation into pedestrian injuries caused by Cruise vehicles. The investigation into safety flaws affects 600 driverless cars operated by the company.

The Wall Street Journal noted: “A California agency last year also reviewed an anonymous letter alleging that Cruise was preparing to prematurely launch his robotaxi service.”

In August, California's DMV forced Cruise to reduce its robotaxi fleet by half due to "accidents" surrounding the vehicles, such as a vehicle colliding with a fire truck.

There have been numerous cases where San Francisco traffic has been blocked by robot taxis. A series of similar incidents also happened in Austin, Texas, another city where this type of service has been tested, without too much success.

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