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Sensational: the Prince of Wales also breaks down on departure. No British aircraft carriers at NATO exercises

Nothing, not even the second British aircraft carrier will participate in NATO naval exercises. The Royal Navy aircraft carrier has failed to set sail for a NATO exercise, a week after its sister ship was kept in port due to a mechanical failure.

HMS Prince of Wales was due to replace HMS Queen Elizabeth in Exercise Steadfast Defender, the largest NATO exercise since the Cold War.

However, the £3 billion warship remained in Portsmouth and the harbor mouth was reopened to normal shipping traffic. The Ministry of Defense (MoD) stated that the departure has been "postponed", but for now there is no official communication on "when".

Hundreds of people lined Portsmouth Harbor to watch the aircraft carrier depart at 12.15pm GMT. However, after military police boats secured the area and closed the harbor mouth, the canal was reopened and the crowd dispersed. Evidently the failure occurred at the last minute.

HMS Queen Elizabeth broke down shortly before departure last Sunday
Last Sunday, HMS Queen Elizabeth canceled its participation in the exercise off Norway at the last minute after a “problem” was found with a coupling on the starboard propeller shaft.

In 2022, HMS Prince of Wales suffered a failure off the Isle of Wight, when it also suffered a malfunction with a coupling on the starboard propeller.

The Ministry of Defense had previously said the issues were "separate and unconnected".

HMS Prince of Wales was taken to Rosyth, Fife, to undergo repairs which took nine months.

A Ministry of Defense spokesperson said the departure had been postponed and added that a further announcement would be made on Sunday.

So of two ships costing 6 billion pounds, around 7 billion euros, none is ready to leave. Luckily, Putin doesn't want to attack NATO by surprise, otherwise there would be trouble.

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