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Sensational: Trump says he will be arrested next Tuesday!

Former President Donald Trump expects to be arrested on Tuesday in a lawsuit filed by the Manhattan district attorney's office and called on his supporters to protest in a post published Saturday on Truth Social.

“Illegal leaks from the highly politicized and corrupt Manhattan District Attorney's office, which has established records of violent crimes and whose boss is financed by George Soros, indicate that, with no crimes able to be proven, and based on an old and thoroughly debunked (by numerous other prosecutors) fable, the far leading Republican candidate and former president of the United States of America, will be arrested on Tuesday of next week,” Trump wrote.Protest, take back our nation! “.

Fox News anchor John Roberts informed viewers Friday afternoon that the Manhattan District Attorney's office has requested a "law enforcement meeting in anticipation of a potential Trump indictment." He said, "to discuss logistics for next week, which means they're anticipating an indictment next week."

“The same sources familiar with the planning said they would look into security readiness in and around the courthouse in lower Manhattan. The secret services will take the lead in what they will allow or not allow, the source warned, mentioning, for example, that the decision to handcuff or not the president, the former president, will be made by them and they will escort him to the courtroom." .

What charges can a former president be arrested on? They didn't even arrest Nixon for Watergate, also because he was pardoned by Gerald Ford. Bush Jr was not arrested, despite the mess with Iraq. Impeached presidents Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were not arrested either. What can be the hatred of Dem prosecutors, with millions of dollars in grants received from various foundations, to have a former president arrested? What can be the political consequences of such a choice?

Elon Musk, an anti-Trumpian who supports Ron DeSantis in the upcoming primaries, said without problems that if Trump were arrested we would see his overwhelming re-election.

It is not clear what the charges will be. NewsMax resumes the hypothesis that the basis of the allegations is a $130,000 payment to porn star Stormy Daniels, real name Stephanie Clifford, to hide a history he allegedly had with her, a payment confirmed by Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen. but the latter confessed to the payment only because he was threatened with a heavy criminal sentence.

For now, Trump has confirmed MAGA's mega-rally in Texas for next week, but his lawyer said he would voluntarily turn himself in to authorities if an arrest warrant is issued.

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