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Soon the next launch of the largest rocket in the world, Spaceship

Elon Musk's SpaceX announced Friday that the most powerful rocket ever built, Starship, currently under review by the US Fish & Wildlife Service, could be ready for its second launch as early as mid-November.

“The second flight test of a fully integrated Starship could launch as early as mid-November, pending regulatory approval,” SpaceX wrote in a note on its website.

This comes several days after the Federal Aviation Administration concluded a safety review focused on potential impacts on public health and property. The FAA report is part of a more comprehensive assessment needed before the next launch. Currently, the Fish & Wildlife Service is still conducting a rollout review of the Endangered Species Act of 1973 and has more than 135 days to issue an opinion.

“The consultation is still ongoing, so we have no update on the timeline,” Aubry Buzek, public affairs manager for the Fish and Wildlife Service in Texas, told Bloomberg via email.

There have been growing concerns that the US government under the Biden administration has weaponized federal agencies against the billionaire for his “free speech” social media platform X.

Musk recently described the Biden administration's apparent animosity towards him. In September, he told All-In Podcast host entrepreneur David Sacks:

“…there appears to be a significant increase in hostility on the part of the government and some sort of abuse of prosecutorial discretion in many areas… I think it's really dangerous that there is partisan politics with government agencies.”

Musk continued:

I don't think the entire administration is mad at me ,” he added.

“But I think there are probably parts of the administration… or aspects of interests aligned with President Biden that probably don't wish me good things.”

On September 5, Musk said Starship was ready for launch.

Starship is ready to launch, pending FAA license approval,” Musk wrote on X, sharing a video of the world's largest rocket at the SpaceX Starbase launch facility in South Texas.

Musk was quite optimistic in a recent interview in which he said: “We think it will work, but we're not sure it will work.”

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