Sweden confirms: end of almost all restrictions next week

As reported by The Local newspaper, the Swedish government and the Public Health Agency have confirmed that the fourth part of the post-pandemic reopening plan will be implemented next week, albeit accompanied by a strong invitation to vaccinate.
“Many people have made great sacrifices in their daily life. Now it is time for the Swedish people to meet again, ”Health Minister Lena Hallengren said at a press conference. "From 29 September we will take a big step towards the life we ​​had before the pandemic".

She was joined by Culture Minister Amanda Lind and Director General of the Public Health Agency Johan Carlson, who said that compared to the agency's previous predictions, current levels of infection were in line with "the curve as low as possible ".

Ministers confirmed all steps already taken for September 29, including removing audience limits at all public events, removing all remaining restaurant and bar restrictions, and removing Health Agency recommendations. publishes to telework if possible.

However, for people over the age of 18 who are not yet fully vaccinated against Covid-19 (unless they have a medical reason not to be vaccinated), additional restrictions apply. People in this group will still need to follow recommendations to avoid crowding and close contact with other people.

"Unvaccinated people must continue to adapt their lives after September 29, not visiting bars, restaurants, events where there might be crowds, for example," said Carlson.

He said regions have been asked to examine areas and groups with low vaccination rates, noting that "due to an uneven rate of vaccination coverage, we will see cluster epidemics." However, this does not seem to stop the government from wanting to return to a normal life.

During the press conference, all three reiterated the importance of vaccination in maintaining a low spread of Covid-19 in Sweden and urged members of the public to get vaccinated.
So Sweden joins Denmark and Norway in returning to normal albeit moderated by a strong call for vaccination and some restraint measures for the unvaccinated. But there is no mention anywhere of "Covid pass", as in Italy.

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