THE BITTER TRUTH BEHIND THE LIBERATION OF SICILIAN FISHERMEN. The cause was the amateurs in disarray in government

We offer you an extract from the site, which carries out a careful and in-depth analysis of the causes of the kidnapping, of the methods of release and in general of the behavior of the government, an acolyte of amateurs in disarray. If you read the whole piece you will also see an interesting historical comparison with the governments of the 70s and 80s, when foreign policy was done professionally and with due attention.

Enjoy the reading.

Di Maio and the mission in Libya in September

The Mazara fishermen freed in these hours obviously started celebrations and sighs of relief, but no one tells what happened and why they were kidnapped. They have been telling you, for weeks, and those who govern us and have caused the kidnapping, that this was their fault. Because at their own peril they went fishing in disputed waters. Really? And how come no one pointed out that exactly as the fishermen were being kidnapped, Luigi Di Maio arrived in Libya to support the agreement between the President of the Tobruk Parliament, Aguila Saleh, and the head of the Libyan National Accord Government, Fayez al- Serraj? Coincidence? A meeting, the one, which had as its purpose the delegitimization of General Haftar who, in retaliation, has kidnapped the Italians who have now been released, coincidentally, with a suspected public and international celebration of his leadership through the visit with which Conte and Di Maio went hat in hand to Benghazi, acting as extras with their breeches lowered in a ceremony aimed at strengthening the Libyan leader's public image; but, above all, its consecration as the undisputed protagonist of the Libyan crisis and the negotiations for its solution. He was given authority, which is perhaps, I believe, what he treated to give us back the hostage fishermen and who, just a few days ago, had the news that they would go on trial instead of being released. Something of unprecedented gravity.

Italy and Turkey. And the memory of an Italy that no longer exists

To understand the differences between our government and any other government, we can give the example of the Turkish ship seized and freed in just six days. The problem was solved with some statements by Erdogan who threatened reprisals and immediate military action on the Libyan territories. Which is the same thing that Italy did when it was a normal country governed by authoritative people. How not to mention the 1980 Minister of Defense Lelio Lagorio, who on the basis of the Malta agreements to protect the southern front from the Soviet threat of encirclement, sent the Italian fleets to the Mediterranean with cannons and missiles leveled against the Libyans who, for those agreements , they were to be cleared from Maltese waters and island positions. We are talking about an Italy that was, in fact, not only the absolute protagonist but the reason for the collapse of the Soviet Union, cornered after the attempts to "finlandise" the most influential European countries, thanks to its positioning in Comiso, in Sicily, cruise nuclear missiles aimed at Moscow. This was us, Italy. Now we have the drinker who goes to do damage around the world but we are all happy because the salary is cut. Maybe…

A political kidnapping to subdue Italy

By now, as denounced by Adolfo Urso, it is evident that the Mazzara fishing boat was not an accident at all but a political kidnapping with the aim of humiliating Italy and subduing it to punish it for the public demonstrations that had overshadowed Haftar. But be careful, I would like to point out that, obviously, neither I nor Urso – least of all anyone – are questioning a line of foreign policy of that kind. Here we question the imprudent way of operating of amateurs in disarray who endanger the lives of Italian citizens and the honor of the nation. And what if these people, with the same incapacity, without even realizing it, did rudeness similar to those who are able to drop a nuclear bomb on top of it? But can we really still accept all this? The kidnapping that ended with these celebrations with great fanfare and the official visit even of the Italian Prime Minister, in fact resulted in the consecration of Haftar as an interlocutor for Cyrenaica in a historical moment where in Libya they wanted to take away this role and this importance. A pastrocchio, a barbina figure of Italy, who first goes to make reverence to those who are against Haftar and then as soon as Haftar threatens us he goes to make reverence to him. Now, let's ask ourselves, what credibility do you think Italy can have in the NATO leaders? Do you really think that Di Maio is consulted when certain decisions have to be made? When will this joke end, which, in reality, is now a real nightmare? But, above all, do you understand that this way of operating by the government sends a message to the Libyan rebels according to which, when they see Italians, they are delicious morsels to be kidnapped to ask for something in return? Do you understand that this way of behaving means endangering the life of an entrepreneur who goes to Libya for work?

The big brother and the perfect strangers who play VIPs

But as I mentioned above, there is no discussion about September's choice to isolate Haftar. Here we discuss the ways. And the problem, my gentlemen, is the narcissism of the perfect strangers who from the big brother have become ministers or other, and so now they think of playing the game of visibility, to strut and make important trips and lunches. Let me explain: in September, if the Italian government had decided that line, was it really appropriate in that context and in plain civil war, to make official visits with the opposing and enemy leaders of Haftar? Throughout the 1970s, the most important geopolitical agreements in our history were also signed verbally by the leaders of the secret services, in Beirut, while the ministers remained in Rome without saying a word and without anything leaking into the newspapers of those agreements. . Was the Di Maio catwalk necessary in September for those four things that were said? Wasn't it enough to send an ambassador for an interview, or a person in charge, without having Libyan televisions to film the meeting?

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