The murky intertwining between the Commission and Lufthansa. Revolving doors in Brussels

Look, even in Brussels, as before for the Venetian banks in Italy, the criterion of the "Revolving door" is in force. You leave a position in the public, relevant, and then enter the private, as if nothing had happened.

Let's see what happened that also explains a lot of the prejudice of certain offices towards Alitalia:

" Carles Esteva Mosso ready to move from the EU Antitrust and from the post of Deputy Director General for State Aid in the Competition DG of the European Commission, directly to the law firm Latham & Watkins that deals with Lufthansa public aid : a case of conflict of very serious interests at European level, on which Brussels must intervene immediately to clarify. The one who has managed the Alitalia dossier up to now, from tomorrow to the Lufthansa service? It would be unacceptable. Other than an example to follow and contrast to the 'sliding doors': the European Commission, always scrupulous and inflexible towards our country, always ready to point the finger at the Member States on these issues, on this scandal that takes place in its own home. do you have anything to say? Yet another discriminatory attitude of the EU, once again unfair competition that penalizes Italy. We want to see each other clearly: we will present a question and ask Commissioner Vestager to report immediately on this matter, in order to comply with the criteria of independence and competition ”.

Thus in a note Marco Campomenosi, head of the Lega delegation to the European Parliament, the first signatory of a question to the European Commission, shared by the League's MEPs.

In short, in the end, even in the Commission, everyone does their own business, especially when it is necessary to move from a public position, which comes to judge the Alitalia bailout plan. So whoever has prepared the technical part of the judgment, coincidentally, goes to work for a study at the service of Alitalia's competitor. However, all normal for the intertwining of bureaucracy, advice and power in Belgium. Here everything is always clean and fragrant, even when it is not.

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