The Tokyo Stock Exchange crashes. Skip the stock market session, if we talk about it again tomorrow or later

With the opening of the Asian markets for the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Japanese markets encountered a "technical problem" which resulted in the interruption of all purchases and sales of securities.

Tokyo Stock Exchange Japan Exchange Group operator said :

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your exceptional support for the functioning of the securities market on this exchange. Market information could not be provided today and we are pleased to inform you that we will stop trading in buying or selling all shares on the exchange. of Tokyo.

therefore the possibility of trading has been completely blocked, an unfortunate and complex fact, which among other things affects various exchanges such as that of Osaka and Sapporo. The first then returned to operation in the evening (Japanese time).

The situation must be really serious for the electronic system of the TSE, Tokio Stock Exchange, because the official news speaks of "Impossibility to switch to backups", that is, to restart the system starting from a previous refrozen situation. Futures could continue to trade, but equity investment funds are completely frozen. The FSA, the Tokyo Consob, has obviously started an in-depth investigation on the issue and also in the political world. It is unclear whether trading will resume tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

A hacker attack? If this were the case, it would be a very thorough offensive capable of bringing the Japanese financial system to its knees. A veritable declaration of war which, among other things, prevents the Bank of Japan from intervening on the market even with the purchase of ETFs, an ordinary share for it. A possible escalation of tensions in the Far East? We hope the TPE technicians can reply soon.

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