Today the European Parliament was voted to punish wine and beer producers! Tomorrow we will publish the results and who voted to sink it all

Tonight an important report was voted on in the European Parliament, the BECA one, that is "Beating Cancer". In itself a useful initiative, except that the most blind maximalism has moved within it. So, if on the one hand the right initiatives have been taken, on the other hand the use of ANY quantity of alcohol has been condemned as a carcinogen, even half a glass of wine to say the least. This approach, which would then lead to terrorist labels on the bottles of wine or beer, skull and crossbones style and “It is seriously harmful to health”, aims only at terrorism and at damaging very important sectors for Italy, such as the wine sector.

Tomorrow we will inform you about how the Italian deputies voted on the matter, with particular attention to those who vote to indicate wine as “Dangerous”, regardless of the quantity. That is, for those who want to bury such an important sector for our economy.

I warn you that it will be funny …

Meanwhile, here's what the European deputies of the League think (it seems the PD is divided, but we'll see it tomorrow …)

“The time spent in Europe to combat the maximalist approach to food is unfortunately inversely proportional to that reserved for the right and really important battles for citizens. A community-wide strategy for the prevention and fight against cancer is welcome, with particular attention to the coordination and sharing of knowledge and technologies across borders. But let's say no to the penalization and instrumental role that are assigned to meat and alcoholic beverages among the risk factors, without any scientific basis and reference to the value of a correct and – for alcoholic beverages – moderate consumption. The time taken to counter these instrumental attacks or to measures such as the Nutriscore, is subtracted from more urgent and noble battles, such as that dedicated to the objective of concretely fighting cancer. The Mediterranean diet is an important component in this challenge and Europe, instead of criminalizing our excellence and Made in Italy, should start from this certainty. The League fights in the front line against these Eurofollies and will strongly support the requests of producers and the scientific community in this sense ".

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