🇺🇲USA 2020, we have to agree with Stalin: “it doesn’t matter who votes, but who counts the votes …” (by Becchi and Palma on Libero)

Article by Paolo Becchi and Giuseppe Palma in Libero yesterday, 21 November 2020:

To date, Joe Biden has 306 electors, Donald Trump 232. But the victory of the Dem candidate has yet to be officially declared by some states. Lawyers for the President-in-Office are gathering evidence of election fraud and irregularities, after which they will ask the Supreme Court to rule.

The states where the alleged fraud would have occurred are those in which the “ Dominion ” operating system (of which, incidentally, the chief of staff of Nancy Pelosi is an important executive) was used for counting the cards. "Dominion voting system democracy suite" is a software considered by some to be unreliable because it is not safe from fraudulent activities and manipulation. This is why Texas has refused to use it three times. Now, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania have all used “Dominion”. And all of these states have gone to Biden , despite Trump being at least 4 out of 6 ahead by the early afternoon of November 4.

In the event that the evidence of fraud is confirmed, the Supreme Court has two ways : the first is to allow a manual recount of the ballots (also pronouncing on the postal vote that has reached a certain date), the second to invalidate the electoral response in the States concerned or in some of them. The road to a possible recount of the ballots, although not to be excluded, is narrow, in fact after 8 December the legislative assemblies of each State must officially confirm the appointment of the great electors, called on 14 December to elect the 46th President of the United States. The Supreme Court could alternatively invalidate the vote for electoral fraud, in all or some of the six states cited and in that case Biden could drop below 270 electors.

In this case, the Twelfth Amendment of the American Constitution would apply, which provides for the election of the President by the House of Representatives. Of course, not by the deputies but by the state delegates to the extent of one delegate for each state. And if it got to this point, Trump could make it . A plausible hypothesis? There are two precedents, each different from the other but which could offer an interesting interpretation.

In 1824 none of the four presidential candidates obtained the "magic number" of the great electors, so the House of Representatives elected the Democratic-Republican candidate John Quincy Adams , despite having finished second in both the popular vote and that of the electors. All legal. A second precedent is even more interesting. In 1876 the Democratic candidate Samuel Tilden won 184 big voters, one less than the "magic number" of the time, winning even more popular votes than the Republican challenger Rutherford Hayes, who stopped at 165 big voters. As many as 4 federated states of the South, which had a total of 20 major voters, however, did not formalize the assignment of the electoral results and the great voters. And that is precisely what could happen now after the production of fraud evidence and a disabling intervention by the Supreme Court.
At the time, the dispute was resolved with an agreement between the two parties: an informal settlement that took the name of "Compromise of 1877" (the definitive withdrawal of federal troops from the southern states), for which the electoral commission assigned all 20 large voters left to the Republican candidate Hayes , who became President for the broken cap.

The solution of an agreement between Democrats and Republicans is now impervious, but a ruling by the Court that invalidates the vote in the disputed states in which the “Dominion” computer system was used to count the votes remains possible. Thus Biden would fall below the "magic number" and the ball would pass to the House , that is to the state delegates. This is probably what Trump has in mind , especially if a manual recount of the cards were prevented or this would prove not to be sufficient to clarify. After all, the President-in-Office can count on the majority of judges in the Supreme Court.

For once we agree with Stalin , who knew these things: " it is not who votes, but who counts the votes and how they are counted ." Sure, it would be the biggest election fraud of all time, but Trump knows his stuff and has no intention of giving up.

by Paolo Becchi and Giuseppe Palma in Libero of 21 November 2020.

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by Paolo Becchi and Giuseppe Palma, “ DEMOCRACY IN THE QUARANTINE. How a virus has swept the country ", Historica edizioni, April 2020.

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