WHO? “Too compromised” and unsuitable for investigations into Covid-19 Word of former director of the CDC

The World Health Organization is "highly compromised" and unfit to conduct an investigation into the origins of COVID-19, according to former head of the CDC (Crenter for desease control and prevention, part of the US public prevention system), Robert Redfield. A very hard blow to the credibility of the international body

" Clearly, they were unable to force China to adhere to the treaty agreements they have on global health, and indeed they did not, " Redfield told Fox News on Tuesday. “ Clearly, they allowed China to choose the group of scientists they could go and investigate. This is not consistent with their role ”. And so we understand why the WHO reports say nothing

In March, Redfield told CNN that he does not believe the natural origin theory, which postulates that COVID-19 passed from a bat to a human through an intermediate species yet to be determined (the famous, poor, pangolin).

"I think they were highly compromised ," said Redfield of the World Health Organization (WHO), which has "investigated" the origins of the pandemic in what was nothing more than a political theater run by a highly confrontational group – one of which, Peter Deszak of the NGO EcoHealth Alliance, worked with the Wuhan Institute of Virology and was funded for millions of dollars by Anthony Fauci's NIH.

Redfield slammed Fauci during the interview, stating that while he supports the laboratory escape hypothesis, " Other individuals, Tony Fauci, for example, keep saying they prefer to argue that it evolved from nature ."

Now, why is he doing this? Redfield asked, adding that " sometimes scientists when they grasp a hypothesis, they can't let go ." Practically Fauci would lack the scientific sense necessary to admit being wrong ..

" What disappoints me of the top of the scientific community is the lack of openness in following the various hypotheses on the origin of the virus ", he continued.

In short, a renowned researcher, former head of the US disease organization, does not trust WHO or Fauci. This will mean something …

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