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Why did the FAA relax the cardiac health criteria for pilots?

The Federal Aviation Administration recently expanded the acceptable range for commercial pilots' heart rhythms based on "new scientific evidence" that hasn't been disclosed, Just the News reported, which contacted the agency for comment. .

Notably, the agency has increased the maximum "PR" interval for first-degree AV block to 300 milliseconds for pilots of all ages. For intervals greater than 300 ms, the FAA will decide on pilot eligibility on a case-by-case basis. Previously, the maximum PR interval was 210 milliseconds, but only for pilots under the age of 51. All this while the airlines are campaigning to allow planes to be flown by a single pilot!

As Just the News reports,

FAA spokesman Ian Gregor provided an edited version of the statement the agency released last spring after American Airlines pilot Robert Snow attributed his in-flight cardiac arrest to a forced vaccination. Federal aviation surgeon Susan Northrup has deemed all licensed COVID vaccines in the United States safe for pilots, the FAA said, saying it had "found no evidence" of vaccine-related complications causing "aircraft crashes or incapacity of pilots." ” .

The agency followed "standard processes based on data and science" to determine that it could "safely increase the tolerance used to screen for a certain heart condition" and notified AMEs of the change.

However, "Gregor did not respond to requests for specific evidence."

According to the Associated Press, "the FAA explained this change was made in response to new scientific evidence about the condition from its heart advisors, not adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines," but the AP can't say what. pushed the change.

“The FAA follows standard data- and science-based processes when making changes to medical requirements and guidelines,” the agency told the AP in an emailed statement. “Our cardiology consultants have given us information that anything shorter than 300ms does not require additional testing and does not pose a risk of sudden or subtle incapacitation.”

Incredibly, therefore, the FAA is trying to recreate the scenario of "The craziest plane in the world", in which the pilots were knocked out by a physical illness, all for unclear reasons. Isn't this policy change something to do with the increase in heart disease?

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