If the political exponents of the 5 Stars did not vote YES and did not express themselves in that sense, they would be in contradiction with themselves. That said I don't know if their opinion has any influence on the referendum because I know several people who will vote NO for political calculation, as well as several PD sympathizers who will vote NO because they have not been included in the law of the corrections that the PD wanted. In the end the voters will vote according to their own personal, reasoned and superficial feelings, rather than for a party indication.

I add one thing that the law maintains and expands and that is certainly not good for democracy, but only a legacy of when there was a (true) king: They are senators for life appointed with unquestionable criteria or by right of office. If 5 senators for life out of 315 were barely tolerable out of 200, absolutely NO, because they alter the balance of a democracy and create an absurdly NOT ELECTED party with 2.5% of the votes. I remember incidentally that Ciampi refused to appoint Fallaci as Senator, despite having a tumor and being the best known Italian journalist, for political reasons. That is why the president's wife took away her husband's greeting and did well.

So without the elimination of senators for life, like Mario Monti, for example, we will have a Senate that will be governed by a power NOT DIRECTLY ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE, and which unfortunately has recently been in the hands of bureaucratic, heterodirected and undemocratic strong powers. . Let's think about it before signing up

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