You screwed up Astra Zeneca, at least somebody starts apologizing. We do medicine, not experimentation “In corpore vili”

Now I will make a quote that is not to be taken as a specific case, but as an element linked to a certain a-scientific absolutism that has affected politics and medicine in recent months. This is Prof Bassetti at Open on March 30, 2021:

"People call me or write to me and ask me:" Ah, I have been assigned AstraZeneca, I can do it, is it safe? " But of course it is safe, otherwise they would have stopped it and it would not have continued with its use ». The checks made by the EMA, moreover, concluded by decreeing that the Oxford preparation is not associated with an increased risk of thrombosis. Bassetti would therefore like to «finally start talking about the benefits of vaccines, stopping only talking about the risks and side effects because this ends up not helping the vaccination campaign. I am afraid of the virus, not of vaccines to fight it ».

This is Professor Bassetti yesterday in Tonight Italy : " At this point we must have the courage to say that Astrazeneca is a vaccine that we can do without and we focus on those in Rmna ".

These words could be extended to thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of doctors who until yesterday recommended a rain vaccination, which led to the vaccination "Open days", in which one injects without any control, without any precaution, except for a backtracking 180 degrees in the face of the case of the 18-year-old girl who died in Genoa of thrombosis following a vaccination with Astra Zeneca. Yet the risks associated with this vaccine have long been known, and not only, especially in young girls, Astra Zeneca had been "Recommended" for a long time only to over sixty-year-olds. Instead they have made "Open days" with this vaccine and with Johnson & Johnson, with similar contraindications.

I would like us to realize that, in a country where bakers are asked to publish bread allergens, treatments have been carried out without any allergic evaluation of patients, with the same lightness with which chickens are vaccinated in intensive farms. Then we are surprised if adverse reactions develop.

We must go back to science, the real one and to medicine, the one that also seeks cures, which is not based only on mass vaccination. The "In corpore vili" experimentation was fine in the 16th century, but it should not be present in a society that claims to be based on science and that sometimes demands excessive precautions from even ordinary people. In the same way, we need to get out of the emergency perspective and carefully evaluate all possible treatments, considering that deaths from pneumonia had been on the rise since 1993, well before the covid, so that somehow medicine got lost along the way. We must then return to a regime in which decisions carry responsibilities, even if only political. Imagine an “Aspirin Open Day” where three aspirins are given to all people who enter a sports hall, regardless of their medical condition or adverse reactions? I write all this not as an anti-vax, on the contrary, personally, I am vaccinated, but as a person who would like to see things done with prudence, attention and truly with a scientific spirit.

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