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Pfizer on the counterattack: get the vaccine that works even if the arm is made of silicone

NEW YORK – The story of the Biella-based novax dentist has made the rounds of the world, presenting himself at a vaccination center with a silicone arm to get the supergreenpass without actually receiving inoculation. Shortly afterwards came the news of the Seattle man showing up at the vaccination center with a silicone arm, he was exposed, he threw it, but he had another silicone arm underneath; after the Los Angeles man wearing a full silicone suit recovered from a set from the latest Avengers movie (soon discovered because he looked too much like Captain America), and the Atlanta woman who asked to be injected with vaccine in one of his. breast implants, because she did not understand how this scam worked.

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer , the star of this pandemic, has not stopped and seems to have succeeded in record time to deal with the emergence of silicone weapons as well. "We have developed a vaccine that works even if it finds a silicone barrier," said Albert Bourla , the company's CEO. Apparently, the new vaccine still works using the mRNA technique: once injected into a "fake arm," the liposomes release messenger RNAs into the silicone device that contains information that the person injecting the vaccine is an idiot. "At this point, the material of which the member is composed begins to exude the drug, transforming it into a form that is absorbed by osmosis through the pores of the skin of the smart type, which end up vaccinated anyway . " But will the clever arms remain unpunished? "No, " concludes Bourla, " unlike the one produced so far, this new vaccine REALLY contains metals and graphene."

Stefano Pisani

Pfizer 's article on counterattack: comes vaccine that works even if the arm is made of silicone comes from Lercio .

This is an automatic translation from Italian of a post published in Lercio at the URL https://www.lercio.it/pfizer-al-contrattacco-arriva-vaccino-che-funziona-anche-se-il-braccio -e-in-silicone / u Thu, 09 Dec 2021 10:25:59 +0000.

Pfizer 's article on counterattack: get the vaccine that works even if the arm is made of silicone comes from Latest News .

This is a machine translation from Corsican language of a post published on Ultimi Nutizie at the URL https://ultiminutizie.vogon.today/pfizer-nantu-a-u-contraattaccu-ghjunghje-a-vacuna-chi-funziona-ancu-se-u-bracciu-he-fattu-di-silicone/ on Thu, 23 Dec 2021 16:02:00 +0000.