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How many memories !

And how long has it been since I've been here!

After a journey marred by smelly and elbowing companies (and I was thinking of catching up on sleep on the plane: instead, as soon as I managed to doze off upon landing, the companies also became disgusting: because as we all know, the parliamentarian has to travel in a cattle car , otherwise #aaaaacoruzzione would contaminate it…), after an arrival saddened by a rather insistent rain, but absolutely inherent to the place, I saw the pastel light and the long horizons of the plain again:

the spiers and gargoyles of the Sablon:

the church where the Belgians celebrated a miraculous image, which arrived on a small boat:

but venerated like Santa Maria della Vittoria (of Lepanto): nothing to do with the immigrationist twist of current "Europe"!

And all this, this beauty, this memory, this splendor:

this healthy and purifying bath in a shower of light:

all this at a relatively low cost: listening to a rather captivating seminar on indirect taxation at an international level (in short: on how to tax Amazon), where, as some Italian students passing by noticed, nothing was said (for the simple reason that , as I shared with our liaison officer, Europe cannot do anything on that issue: at most the OECD can intervene, for the simple reason that it has the United States inside…), and then listen to a seminar of another hour, a little more lively, where the usual suspects (in this case Zucman) let us know that we need to put a tax on wealth because the rich pay few taxes, without taking into account the fact that if the rich they don't pay them, they won't even pay those on wealth. So perhaps the story is a little more complicated than that, and the Robin Hood- like inspiration so unnaturally shared by certain apparently disparate figures has, as we have repeatedly argued and demonstrated here, a common objective.

Your savings.

But you know this and I hope you remember it next year.

(… and now I'm going to dinner with friends …)

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