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Cuts to healthcare

Sorry, maybe the best way to end this is to put what's happening into perspective. EUROSTAT provides us with the database of public expenditure by functional classification ( COFOG ), and there we find everything we are interested in. This is the profile of overall public spending on healthcare in Italy:

I honestly don't think there's much more to add. Had Berlusconi started it? Yes, Berlusconi had started it. The local maximum is in 2010, and therefore the "containment" had already begun in 2011 (where what had been allocated with the 2011 budget law, made in 2010 by Berlusconi, was spent). But evidently it wasn't enough. Then it continued, and while before the crisis healthcare spending was on an increasing trend, afterwards, to return to the 2010 value, we had to wait until 2018.

It was the famous period in which "the hospitals closed" ( according to Delrio, alone , according to the voters, by the PD).

That's enough.

The data is enough.

Everything else is boredom, or informational rubbish.

Getting back on top will not be, it is not easy, and in the current context it is not even said that it is possible, but we have talked about this and the underlying reasons many times and I honestly don't think it is necessary to start from scratch every time.

In the meantime, if you have the chance, show this data to your reference person, and then, if you still want it, come here to delight us with his reactions. But we already know them, they're not even funny anymore, and I understand that this is why many of us are losing the desire…

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