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007 and cybersercurity, what is simmering (not only in Copasir)

007 and cybersercurity, what is simmering (not only in Copasir)

Facts, names, rumors and next stops (not only for Copasir)

What will be the next steps in terms of Intelligence and cybersecurity?

This is what the insiders are asking themselves after the torpedoing of the head of Dis, the Contiano Gennaro Vecchione, replaced by Palazzo Chigi with ambassador Elisabetta Belloni .

At the same time, the Draghi government confirmed both the heads of Aisi and that of the Aise.

The observers of the sector are scrutinizing the words and moves of the undersecretary to the Prime Minister, Franco Gabrielli, who has the delegation to services and security by the will of Prime Minister Draghi.

What is the model that Gabrielli has in mind for the security agency, which has supplanted the idea of ​​Vecchione and Conte of a foundation inside the Dis for cyber security ?

There are those who believe that there is an Israeli-style perspective: “ New Israeli intelligence-gathering methods see 'dramatic improvement' in results “.

Likely? We will see.

In the meantime, the insiders also pin their attention on Copasir, not only for the decision to clarify and regulate relations between 007 and politicians in the wake of the Renzi-Mancini case: the question of the presidency is at a standstill.

In parliamentary circles there are those who observe a potential mediation, which would also be blessed by the Democratic Party: to foresee a leading position in another body in the sector for the League to leave the Copasir seat.

It is believed that that national cybersecurity coordination center could be a ground for smoothing out the tensions between the Brothers of Italy (to whom the Copasir presidency is based according to constitutionalists and jurists also from the left , such as Valerio Onida and Luciano Violante ) and Lega (who it would thus compensate for the exit from the presidency of Copasir now the prerogative of the Northern League player Raffaele Volpi who should now theoretically control – as the Corriere della Sera has maliciously pointed out – the activities for the safety of a ministry, such as that of Economic Development, headed by Giancarlo Giorgetti, of the same party and of the same current of the Carroccio, remarked Giovanni Bianconi of the newspaper RCS).

With regard to cybersecurity, there are still the latest decrees implementing the National Security Perimeter (Law 105/2019): to complete the defenses, the decrees on the screening of technologies and on the laboratories that control the tech equipment are needed.

Furthermore, as Roberto Baldoni, Deputy Director of the Department for Security Information (Dis), explicitly said at ITASEC, the decree on notifications and security measures is expected in May, and in June the decree to identify the categories of technological products to be subjected to preventive screening and in August, finally, the provision to accredit the laboratories that will have to carry out these checks.

The last piece is represented by the controls on the technologies: check the safety of what you install before it is in its place. The direction will be entrusted to the National Assessment and Certification Center ( Cvcn ) al Mise (Ministry of Economic Development headed by Giancarlo Giorgetti), which however has yet to complete the process to recruit 70 technicians after a call launched at the beginning of 2020.

Some control centers will be structured in the ministries of defense and the interior, however the plan is to accredit also – and it is also stressed – external laboratories, setting quality standards to entrust them with these delicate tasks. The overall "governance" of all this is an extremely delicate matter.

The date of 23 June 2021 must be considered – the sector analysts remark – starting from this day there will be 6 months of tests to establish whether the system of rules that Italy has adopted to protect itself from cyber threats will hold up. or not and how to intervene.

As you can see, there is a lot of meat on the fire. Hopefully it won't burn too much.

This is a machine translation from Italian language of a post published on Start Magazine at the URL https://www.startmag.it/mondo/007-e-cybersercurity-che-cosa-ribolle-non-solo-nel-copasir/ on Fri, 14 May 2021 10:19:46 +0000.