After Meta, Google and Apple, Amazon also freezes hiring

After Meta, Google and Apple, Amazon also freezes hiring

Amazon is suspending hiring for corporate roles in its retail business, according to a New York Times report. It is the latest tech company to hold back hiring amid growing economic worries

Amazon blocks hiring in retail.

The e-commerce giant founded by Jeff Bezos confirmed the New York Times report that the company is freezing hiring for corporate roles in its retail business.

The announcement, in an email to recruiters, stated that the company was discontinuing global hiring for all corporate roles, including technology positions, in its stores, which covers the physical and online retail business of. Amazon and its logistics operations

Amazon is the latest company to reevaluate its hiring plans amid fears of an economic downturn. Several companies including Google , Apple, and Meta have announced that they will slow or temporarily suspend hiring altogether. Last week, Meta Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg told staff that he was freezing new hires and planned to take further cost-cutting measures.

Businesses are also looking for ways to cut costs to avoid potential headwinds.

But the economic scenario is not just of concern to technology companies. As the NYT reports, Walmart, the country's largest private employer, said it will hire fewer workers by the hour for the holiday shopping season this year. FedEx, which competes with Amazon for delivering packages to customers, said last month that it was freezing hiring, closing stores and parking planes as demand was below its forecast.

And now Amazon has found itself with too many people after the pandemic boom.


Amazon is freezing corporate hiring in its retail business for the rest of the year. The Seattle-based giant instructed recruiters to close all open job postings for those roles in the coming days and recommended canceling some recruiting activities, the Times reported.

Amazon spokesman Brad Glasser said the retail giant continues to have a significant number of open roles across the company. “We have many different businesses at various stages of evolution and we plan to continue adjusting our hiring strategies in each of these businesses at various points,” Glasser said in a statement. The large block will not affect the company's most profitable cloud computing division, the Times points out.


While retail activity soared during the Covid-19 pandemic – when consumers preferred online retailers to brick-and-mortar stores – in early 2022, e-commerce spending began to decelerate. . So much so that Amazon in the first quarter had the slowest rate of revenue growth since 2001. In addition, for the first time since 2015, the tech giant ended the quarter with a loss of $ 3.8 billion.

Meanwhile, Amazon CEO Andy Jassy has been working to curb costs as the company grapples with slowing growth in its core retail business, which still accounts for the lion's share of Amazon's revenue.

Jassy assured investors that he focused on returning to a "healthy level of profitability" after slowing retail sales and rising costs dented Amazon's earnings. In recent months, Amazon has closed or canceled the launch of new facilities and is delaying the opening of some new buildings. The company has even shut down nearly all of its US call centers in an effort to save on real estate, Bloomberg said.

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