All of Turkey’s latest military moves

All of Turkey's latest military moves

What Turkey does with the Hurjet program. The article by Giuseppe Gagliano

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ) has started the production activities of HÜRJET Advanced Jet Training and Light Attack Aircraft with the aim of developing an autonomous trainer.

In order to meet the global and national need for jet training and light attack aircraft, the production and assembly of parts for aircraft prototypes of the Jet Training and Light Attack Aircraft (HÜRJET) have started with the HÜRJET project launched in 2017 with the own resources of TUSAŞ.

TUSAŞ, which plans to start the final assembly line by mid-2022, plans to launch HÜRJET from the hangar at the end of the year. HÜRJET is expected to make its maiden flight on March 18, 2023, after ground tests.

The HÜRJET configurations expected to be developed within the project are as follows: combat readiness training, light assault (close air support), aircraft carrier compatible.

The HÜRJET project began meeting the requirements of the international and Turkish air force by replacing the older T-38s such as Advanced Jet Trainers (AJT) and F-5s such as Acrobatic Team Aircrafts with a modern, high-performance multi-role aircraft. Malaysia will be one of the first countries to which this new technology product will be delivered. All this confirms the positive trend as we have been able to show .

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