All the branches of the trade unions in Bnl Bnp Paribas

All the branches of the trade unions in Bnl Bnp Paribas

What is happening in Bnl and why the unions continue to criticize the leaders of the institute controlled by the French group Bnp Paribas. Emanuela Rossi's article

The fears of the trade unions for the future of many workers of the Bnl-Bnp Paribas group are growing. In the crosshairs there is the industrial plan that should outsource part of the Back Office and Information Technology activities, causing the closure of branches and administrative offices and several redundancies.

According to union sources, the start of the procedure, already postponed by a couple of weeks (from the beginning to mid-September), could be postponed again and be scheduled for the end of the month. It should be remembered that the closing of the sale of 80% of Axepta is expected in the last weeks of the year – which will lead to the exit of 110 employees – and that at the beginning of 2021 40% of Bnl Finance, specialized in in the assignment of the fifth, to Poste. Even these operations that have aroused controversy and tensions between the company and the trade unions.

The unions will talk about all this with the leaders of the institute led by Elena Golini in a meeting scheduled for 22 September.


The sale of the IT branch and the back office and logistics will lead to the exit from the perimeter of the group of 800 workers and the closure of approximately 130-150 branches (currently there are more or less 700) throughout the country. Between the closure of branches and administrative offices, union sources at Startmag reveal , Bnl will completely abandon entire territories, especially in southern Italy. Furthermore, the risk is that several redundancies will be declared, presumably 800, which will be added to the 800 branches to be sold. According to the unions, the group will prefer not to use the credit solidarity fund for early retirement, but to manage these redundancies exclusively with incentivized and voluntary retirements.

Another fear is that it is decided to push on direct channels, but more than with investments in digital, moving a large part of the customers and employees from the branches to the offices that manage relationships remotely, or large call centers that manage the relationship mainly by telephone. and home banking. Moreover, if the issue of transfers is the most delicate because it exposes to the risk of legal disputes (as well as trade union conflicts), the other measures also cause great concern among workers and trade unions.


Today , therefore, the garrison from 10.30 in Piazza Lina Bo 'Bardi, in Milan, in front of the headquarters of Bnl-Bnp Paribas "to protest against the project for the sale of numerous processes and above all of about 900 workers and the closure of numerous agencies on all the national territory ”, the Milanese and Lombard RSAs of the trade unions write in a joint note. An event that follows those held in various Italian squares, for example in Rome, Florence, Naples and Bari. "During the garrison a particular scenography is foreseen to represent the overbearing decision of the BNL / BNPP top management to sell, as already happened for the Axepta company, leader in the field of credit cards, entire processes and numerous workers (about 10%) for mere cost reduction – reads the unitary press release -. The protest will see scenic allegories that will represent the disintegration of corporate integrity and the threat to the very role of the bank in its important social function.

According to Fabi, First, Fisac, Uilca and Unisin "the continuous reduction of bank workers and the further closure of numerous proximity branches unload on the increasingly defenseless customers the total weight of an announced disservice, with the consequent abandonment of the economic fabric of the territory ".

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