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All the slaps of Draghi to Salvini (and not only to Salvini)

All the slaps of Draghi to Salvini (and not only to Salvini)

What did Draghi say against Salvini, Meloni and Conte – without naming them – in the press conference on the Aid ter decree. The Scratches of Damato

Mario Draghi's laconic, dry refusal to those who asked him if he was available for a second term at Palazzo Chigi made those who are really against it dream: on the left, like the party of Giuseppe Conte in his new role as Masaniello, and the newspaper that more it reflects moods or whatever, that is Il Fatto Quotidiano , and on the right the supporters of Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini. Which can be found in the settings, chronicles, allusions of Libero and della Verità directed, respectively, by Alessandro Sallusti and Maurizio Belpietro.

"But no encore", shrieked Il Fatto di Marco Travaglio, forgiving Draghi with that "but" the guilt of having participated in his own way in the electoral campaign with allusions to Conte when he denounced the contradiction between the satisfaction of the counter-offensive of the Ukrainians attacked by Russia and opposition to other military aid in Kiev. As if it had been and was still possible for Ukrainians to defend themselves "with their bare hands", the prime minister observed.

There were also controversial allusions by Draghi to Giorgia Meloni, in solidarity with the Hungarian and pro-Russian president Viktor Orban now on a collision course with the European Union, and explicit references to Salvini on the fiscal delegation. But the newspaper of Travaglio della Meloni and Salvini is of little or no interest, perhaps sharing underneath the positions contested by the Prime Minister, at least for the part attributable – in the case of Meloni – to Putin's interests in the ongoing conflict, through the 'Ukraine, with the West.

The refusal of Draghi to a second term at Palazzo Chigi pleased Libero because "desereda Calenda and Renzi", who support it, dream of confirmation, immediate or otherwise, by betting on electoral or post-electoral surprises to the detriment, respectively, of the numbers and compactness of the center-right. And this especially after Silvio Berlusconi's warning to the allies not to count on the participation of his party in the government if they are not sufficiently pro-European and Atlanticist.

"A nice torpedo to the Renzi-Calenda duo", Belpietro's Truth was pleased, which, moreover, has not yet forgiven Renzi for having made him lose in his time, when he was Prime Minister, the direction of Libero because he sided against his constitutional reform in the preparation of the confirmatory referendum, which resulted instead in a rejection.

But it is certain that the no to a second term at Palazzo Chigi, in response to a specific question, was the salient fact of the press conference held by Draghi after the Council of Ministers for the new decree of aid to families and businesses affected by the " high cost of living ”, as Draghi himself wanted to point out by going beyond the electricity and gas bills? Or perhaps Calenda was not right to say that the negative response of the Prime Minister was more due than authentic, more ex officio than anything else, also considering – I add – the merciless use that was made, in the race of December and January at the Quirinale, of the transparency with which Draghi himself made himself available for the succession to a Mattarella who was then opposed to a confirmation?

These do not seem strange questions to me, which may have also arisen in the editorial staff of Repubblica , where they preferred the front page owner not on the no to a second term but on those " puppets hired by Moscow " denounced by Draghi even after the insurance received personally from the US Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs on the absence of Italian parties and leaders among the recipients of the 300 million dollars spent by Putin in eight years to enlist friends and supporters in about twenty countries. Sometimes not even hired puppets, Mattia Feltri observed in the Press , calling on Salvini and specifying that he considers this not a mitigating factor but a "terrible aggravating circumstance".

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